10 signs that a woman gives when she is in love with you, discover her

What does a woman feel when she is in love with a man? Sometimes it is very difficult to know what a woman really feels when she falls in love. This is because they are very sensitive and loving to everything. But when it comes to her man she behaves differently.

1.- His face lights up every time he sees you, thinks of you or is with you

This is what always happens when a woman is in love with a man. They are very expressive with their emotions. Therefore, one way a woman acts when she falls in love is enthusiasm. She looks radiant, her face lights up just thinking about the man she loves.

A woman cannot hide her emotions when she falls in love or when she is going to be a mother. When a woman is in love, her eyes shine, just like when she is expecting a baby.

2.- When a woman is in love she reveals her worst fears

A man likes to protect a woman, especially his friends and the one he loves. They know the protective role of man. Therefore, one of the signs when a woman is in love is that she seeks the protection of the man she loves.

A woman does not like to be vulnerable with anyone. But when she is close to the man she likes, things change. Therefore, if she decides to share her fears and weaknesses with a man, it is because she feels something special for him.

3.- The idea of ​​rejection or losing the friendship of the man they love paralyzes them


Another of the signs that a woman gives when she is in love is her anguish at the idea of ​​loss. She cannot imagine her life without the man she loves. You are part of all his present and future dreams. What a woman feels when she falls in love oscillates between happiness and fear.

If you see these signs in one of your friends, treat her well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like her. Being truly loved is something everyone wants and if there is a woman who loves you like that, don’t waste it.

4.- A woman in love feels comfortable with the man she loves


When a woman is in love with a man she likes, she feels illusion and fear. That is why she puts up many barriers even though she also loves. But when you trust, one of the signs when a woman is in love with a man is to trust completely.

5.- When a woman is in love with you, you will feel more attentive to you

One of the 10 signs when a woman is in love is how attentive she is to the man she loves. The common thing is that the man fills the woman he wants with attention. But when a woman takes that initiative, it is because she really cares about you.

When a woman is in love with you, she will give you gifts, she will prefer to be with you and she will be very loving.

6.- When a woman loves, she makes your life part of her life

This always happens, a woman when she is in love listens to you and your life becomes part of her life. Every moment of his life has to do with something about you, his purpose is oriented towards you. Everything that happens to you is important to her.

Women in love join their life line with yours. What makes you happy or worries you also affects her.

7.- When a woman loves you, sacrifice what would make her happy for your happiness

What does a woman do when she falls in love with a man? For a woman falling in love means giving herself body and soul. That is why they do not complicate themselves by sacrificing themselves for the happiness of others.

Women learn, from a very young age, that dedication with the example of their mothers. They do it with their friends and all the beings they love. Therefore, when they fall in love, they do it for the man they love, as the best way to love.

8.- A woman truly in love with you will not always agree with you

What a woman does when she falls in love with you, she does for the children she wants to have with you. He wants you as the best father to his children. Therefore it is very important to him what you do, say or do not do or say.

Because she loves you and because she wants a happy home with you, she will make sure you consider her views. If it doesn’t seem like something to him or he thinks you are wrong, he will tell you, there will be discussions if necessary. She will motivate you to find a middle ground between the two.

9.- When a woman falls in love, she introduces you to her friends and social circle

Another of the 10 signs that a woman gives when she is in love is that she is proud of you. That is why she will try to make everyone know that she loves you and that you are her man. You will be part of her conversation with her friends and family.

10.- A woman in love does not mind making a fool of herself when she is with you

She loves you and the rest does not matter. She feels full, safe, happy and grateful when she is with you. Therefore, every moment with you is magical and you will enjoy it to the fullest. When a woman is in love, she does not care what people say about what you do or do not do.

She is willing to dance in the middle of the street and will invite you to follow her. Screaming, playing and celebrating every moment will be part of your life, no matter the strangers.