10 signs that prove he wants to get involved

In a relationship with a great man for some time, you want to know if your story will last. Because it can be hard to pick up on the signals men are sending us, here are 10 signs he wants to get involved.

1 – He gives you a key to his apartment ‘

When a man gives you a key to his apartment’, the message is clear: you can come whenever you want. With him, it’s a bit like yours. Moreover, he has made room for you in his wardrobe and in his bathroom.

2 – He introduces you to his friends AND his family

He has already introduced you to his friends as the woman who capsized his heart. And the presentation to parents is planned. Unless it has already been done!

3 – He makes plans with you

Weekends, holidays… but not only! Monsieur starts talking about marriage and baby. Sure, he sees himself with you for the long haul.

4 – He always responds to your messages

Unlike many guys, yours responds quickly to your messages. He doesn’t let you hang around on purpose and doesn’t play any stupid games.

5 – He trusts you

When you tell him you’re dating your girlfriends, he doesn’t care. He knows that he can trust you, that you don’t risk betraying him because you care deeply about him.

6 – He takes care of himself

Generally, men let themselves go once they think we have been granted. However, he continues to take care of himself, even if you’ve been together for a long time. Proof that he does everything to keep you …

7 – He worries about you

Are you sick, do you have family concerns, problems at work? He never lets you down. He spends hours on the phone with you to help you solve your problems.

8 – He finds you beautiful

Even in the morning when you wake up, even when your head is unearthed. He finds you beautiful all the time.

9 – He wants to spend a lot of time with you

Proof that he wants a serious story, he wants to spend a maximum of time with you. Whenever he has a moment, he calls you, just to hear your voice. And on weeknights, he sees you as much as possible.

10 – He listens to you

A man sincerely in love listens to you and shares your joys as well as your sorrows. He advises you so that you take the best path every time.