10 signs that show he secretly loves you …

It’s well known: when it comes to showing their feelings, boys are not very good. But to hide them either, in fact!

Here are 10 unmistakable signs that show that He loves you in secret …

Sign n ° 1: already, he is discreet

Alex is the kind of guy who talks very loudly, who laughs very loudly, in short, the guy who always stands out. But for some time now, when he’s been with you in a room, he’s been playing it a little less have you seen me, he takes the time to ask you questions AND to listen to you (which had not happened) since 1992 anyway!). Well…

Sign # 2: he tickles you all the time

It’s funny, but at 30, a boy who secretly loves a girl will use exactly the same “flirting techniques but not too much” as at 12: small spikes gently swung, hand games that degenerate, valves a little heavy and repetitive … Basically, if Alex behaves with you as if he was in 4th B, it’s time to ask you questions.

Sign n ° 3: he tells everyone about you

That is the basis of a secret love: rather than talking to YOU, Alex prefers to go see your girlfriends, your colleagues … To talk about YOU, of course! Suddenly, he doesn’t talk to you more than usual, and you don’t suspect a thing … until one of your friends tells you “Alex hasn’t stopped talking about you the other evening ”!

Sign # 4: he is more tactile with you

When a man secretly loves a woman, he takes advantage of any opportunity to create physical contact: and that I touch your arm to explain something very silly to you, and that I lay my hand on your arm. ‘shoulder when I say hello, and tac, the little hand on the back at the slightest opportunity …

Sign n ° 5: he denigrates all the guys who talk to you

THE sign that shows Alex secretly has a crush on you? He systematically denigrates all the guys who approach you and about whom you speak well. But the air of nothing, so as not that his jealousy is too blatant, like “don’t get too close to Julien, apparently he has crabs” …

Sign # 6: he is always cute when you see each other

Before, Alex ‘ “wardrobe” consisted of jeans and a t-shirt. And his personal hygiene left a little to be desired. But since you pointed out to her that you like trendy guys, her look has suddenly changed: chinos, fitted shirts, suede boots … With the added bonus of hair washed every day! If that is not love!

Sign n ° 7: he gives you little gifts, casually

The other time, while speaking with Alex , you slipped into the conversation that you were completely addicted to Granola cookies. And a few days later, when you bumped into each other at a night out with friends, what had he bought “for a joke”? Granola cookies. So cute!

Sign n ° 8: he rebels when you talk to him about other girls

A little tip to make sure that Alex is indeed secretly in love with you? Talk to him about another girl he could possibly be dating, and see his reaction! There is a good chance that she will assimilate to “ho nooo, Anaïs, it is not at all my type. Me, I prefer girls, uh, not like her, a little more like you, well not you eh, but uh … Did you see how cold it is for a month of September ?! 

Sign n ° 9: he jokes heavily about your possible couple

Boys and finesse of mind are often two or even three. So when a boy secretly loves you and tries to make it subtly imply, it goes like this: pseudo-jokes where he half-admits that he likes you while trying to be detached, like “you’re really my style … no, I’m kidding hahaha”, “I think we would go too well together … or not hahaha”. Sigh.

Sign n ° 10: he always leaves at the same time as you for parties

Funny that, but whether you leave a party at 9:30 p.m. (because you’re super slammed) or at 5:15 a.m. (because you’re on a weekend), there is always one that leaves at the same time than you: Alex ! Suddenly, he drops you off by car (which earns him a 25-minute detour but does not bother him “absolutely”), you chat again for half an hour, you laugh like teenagers because he is really super funny. Alex … And, in fact, you wouldn’t be falling in love too?