10 signs that show that your friend is silently in love

When a man loves a woman he does everything possible to make her very happy. For example, it may be that your friend is silently in love and you don’t know it. But there are some signs that will make you see the truth. A friend in love with her friend is very frequent.

There are actions with which a friend shows, in silence, that he loves his best friend. For example, if he constantly asks you for advice, it is because of the confidence he has in you. First because he loves you and second because he sees you as the ideal girl for his wife.

1.- A friend in love in silence, listens to you and advises you in your difficult moments

There is a lot of difference between friend and lover. But the difference can be hard to spot between a friend and a friend in love. Many men express their loving feelings without saying a word.

It is very easy to say “I love you” without the sustenance of actions. That is why it is very important, to know if someone loves you, to look at their actions and not their words. Observe how much he listens to you and accompanies you when you have problems.

The signs of a man in love in silence are very frequent in good friends. It seems normal to you that he gives you his support, advice and everything is unconditional. A friend in love with his best friend is more frequent than you imagine.

2.- Your friend is in love in silence if he always wants you to advise him


Another of the signs of a best friend in love with your friend is when you fully trust her criteria. Your best friend is silently in love when he always asks you for advice on everything. He sees you as the perfect person for his partner.


At no time do you doubt that you are the right person for everything you want to achieve. He always opens up to everything with you and feels that the most important thing is that you listen to him. With his attitudes he is telling you that he loves you, that you are the most important person in his life.

3.- He is in love with you when he always prefers your choices

This is for sure, if he always gives you the preference, your friend is silently in love. It doesn’t matter if they are insignificant or complicated things, your opinion is always important to him. It is as if for him, you are the goddess on whom everything depends. He loves you blindly.

In a good friend in love without being reciprocated, things can be even more extreme. For fear of losing you, he can listen to you in everything, even without caring about his dignity. Therefore, when your best friend always gives preference to your criteria, it is a sign of love in silence.

4.- A friend in love with his best friend always looks at her with a smile


Your best friend in love with you is nothing strange. But how do you know if he never tells you that he loves you or that he feels something for you? Among friends there are many lovers in silence, because the risk is greater. They fear being rejected and losing even your friendship.

In a man in love, his smile speaks for itself. My friend is in love with me and I am not, he always looks at me smiling. With her other friends she does not have that smile, but I hardly appear, it is as if she lights up.

When your best friend smiles at you, he is reaffirming his feelings of friendship towards you. But if he always does, he is silently saying that he loves you, and that he wants more than friendship with you.

5.- Your best friend in love, signs: He takes you by the hand


If you constantly hold your hand, your friend is silently in love, do not hesitate. Holding hands is a sign of love between two people. When two people like their hands, they instinctively start looking for each other.

I think my friend is in love with me but I don’t, what can I do? If your friend holds your hand both in public and in private, he is saying “I love you” without words.

Explain nicely that they are not in love, that you can help him with another girl he likes. That there is a boy you like and seeing them hold hands can be a bad sign.

6.- A friend in love with his best friend always gives him something of himself

If your friend is in love in silence he will give you a lot of appreciation, attention and admiration. He will always have beautiful words, a tender look and wishes that you are very happy.

At any time he will give you a gift just because he thinks of you and not for a special date. When a man loves a woman he always has details from the depths of himself.

A best friend in love with his best friend is always saying “I love you” silently, with their actions. Sometimes it happens that he himself does not know that he loves you, but he shows his feelings with everything he does.

7.- When a friend falls in love with his friend, he looks for her and helps her in all her tasks

Your best friend is silently in love if every day he looks for you in your house and helps you with your housework. He does not tell you in words that he loves you, but his actions are clear. Nobody does anything for anybody unless they have a lot of interest.

When a man loves a woman he will try to always be with her helping, motivating and attentive. Small daily gestures are the best signs of a person’s love. If your best friend always helps you, it is so that you have less work because he loves you.

8.- Signs of a man in love in silence: It helps you in those things that you do not like to do

Nobody knows you better than your best friend. He knows what you like and what you don’t like. So when he helps you with those things that you don’t like to do, your friend is silently in love. Because only someone who loves can sacrifice himself for the welfare of another person.

Appreciate small details like helping you with chores or doing something tedious. When a man loves a woman no words are needed, he screams his love with actions. It always surprises you by relieving you of multiple tasks that you hate doing. This is the purest way to love.

9.- If your best friend introduces you to his friends and family, he is telling you how much he loves you


My best friend is in love with me, what do I do? If he has taken pains to introduce you to all his friends, his family and acquaintances, your friend is silently in love. Just appreciate the good that touches you and value the love of that friend.

Only people you are proud of are introduced to family and friends. Therefore, one of the signs of a man in love in silence is to introduce yourself to his family and friends. Your friend wants you to be a part of his world, simply because he loves you.

10.- A friend in love with his best friend always includes her in his future projects

If everything he wants to do in life he wants to do with you, your friend is silently in love. It is an instinctive declaration of love, it does not need words. If to how much event, dinner or parties they invite him and you are always the first to know, he is in love with you.

When a man loves a woman he becomes his only option for everything. You are his priority to spend together in life when he includes you in every plan for the future and present.

A friend in love with his best friend is less likely to be wrong because he already knows her well. Knowing each other beforehand, loving each other with all your strengths and weaknesses plays a very important role in the future of a couple.