10 signs that show you are emotionally abused

Recognize the signs to get by

A relationship is never easy. We love each other, we engage, we influence each other … With ups and downs, and then passing clumsiness. But sometimes, it happens that one of the two falls into the excess and begins to have an unhealthy behavior towards the other, by exerting a form of perverse psychological pressure on his or her partner … until to abuse him emotionally. Here are 10 signs that show that you are the victim of emotional abuse, and that you will have to react to no longer suffer such a situation.

1. He always talks about your flaws, never about your qualities

He keeps devaluing you, constantly pointing out your flaws. As for your qualities and your kindness, they seem non-existent! Basically, he spends his time putting you down, and your opinions seem totally stupid to him. He often makes fun of you (this is not teasing), or even insults you. SOS!

2. He devalues ​​you in front of others

Constantly devaluing yourself in private is already unhealthy, but doing it in public is downright humiliation. Yet, he does this regularly, making others think you are worthless. He even goes so far as to give personal information about you to others, rarely flattering.

3. He discourages you

Are you embarking on a new professional project? Immediately it breaks you in your motivation and makes you understand that you will never succeed. Do you want to take up this or that activity? He stops you dead by making fun of you. Your hopes and dreams don’t matter!

4. He doesn’t care about your feelings

In your relationship, the least we can say is that the attention is not reciprocal. He seems to ignore your needs, your expectations, your feelings. Are you doing badly? He doesn’t even realize it, or rather pretends not to see it. The only person he’s interested in is him and him alone. And you feel like he doesn’t see you as a whole person, with feelings.

5. He tries to control you

He likes to infantilize you, correcting you for the slightest small mistake, even punishing you. He tries to take control over you by watching your actions, and by asserting himself as the holder of authority. And he always manages to get what he wants, through blackmail, deprivation, s**x …

6. He accuses you wrongly

While you have nothing to blame yourself for, he accuses you of anything and everything. The worst part is that he knows full well that you are innocent. He seems to take pleasure in these reproaches addressed to you, taking you down.

7. He has no self-mockery

Although he spends his time devaluing you, laughing at you, and even humiliating you, on his part, he does not accept or stand the slightest remark about him from you. Are you teasing him a bit? He gets angry and makes you pay… Help!

8. He never admits his wrongs

No matter how badly he behaves with you, he never questions himself. And if you have the misfortune of trying to enlighten him on the subject, he immediately dismisses you. You’re wrong, he’s right, POINT. And it gets worse: he blames his own faults on you.

9. He makes you responsible for all his ills

He, therefore, rejects his own faults on you, and goes so far as to make you responsible for all his difficulties and all his misfortunes, whether or not they are related to your relationship. Making himself a victim in this way, he manages both to disempower himself and to make you feel guilty … to better control you.

10. He threatens you

He often humiliates you and makes fun of you regularly, and sometimes he threatens you. Usually, they’re sneaky enough that we don’t run away right away, and that’s the problem: he’s manipulating you. Do you realize it now? Runaway!