10 signs that show you’re in love

The day you met him, you got hot. Since then, you think about him all the time. But how can you tell the difference between desire and love? It’s simple: if you recognize yourself in one or more of the following symptoms, no doubt: you are in love. And not just a little…

1 – You feel things

When you see it, it’s a bit of a roller coaster from an emotional point of view. Stars in your eyes when you look at him, your heart pounding, butterflies in your stomach, the lack when he is not there, the fear that everything will end tomorrow… There is no need to say, you are caught in a whirlwind of emotions.

2 – You are on the edge

You who, once, were so strong and sure of yourself, you who felt that nothing could reach you, you have become extremely vulnerable since he entered your life. A text that is slow to arrive, a misplaced word, and your imagination races … Really, this man gives you everything back.

3 – You think of him all the time

You think of him in the morning while brushing your teeth, at breakfast, in public transport, you daydream while looking out the window when you are at work … In short, you think of him permanently.

4 – You love to make love with him

Obviously, who doesn’t like to have s**x ?! Except that with him, it’s special. You are feeling things that you have never felt before. He makes you climb the curtains like no one else, it’s osmosis, fusion, and you could stay in his arms for hours.

5 – You talk about him constantly

To your mother, to your sister, to your girlfriends… You only have his first name on the lips. In every conversation, you always find a way to relate everything to him.

6 – You let go of your entourage

You who hated your girlfriends who let you down for their guys, you have been doing the same thing since you have been with your Jules. You spend most of your time with him, so much so that you forget to hear from those around you.

7 – You feel alive

Since you have been with him, you feel alive. You want to enjoy life to the fullest, you marvel for nothing… You are at 300%!

8 – You smile

all the time. Even when you are alone on the bus or on the street. You think back to times you spent together and smile. Because you are simply happy.

9 – You take care of yourself

You buy yourself a whole bunch of clothes, you often go to the hairdresser, you make masks, scrubs… Ineluctably, you take care of yourself and you like to make yourself beautiful. The goal? Drive him crazy about you …

10 – You project yourself with him

Of course, you live your story from day to day, you take things as they come. But, every once in a while, you catch yourself imagining the life you could have with him. And you like it …