10 signs that show you’re ready to live with him

Between you, it’s crazy love. So much so that you can’t do without each other. And then, since you are at his house very often, you start to think that it might be a good solution to move in as a couple. If you find yourself in the following 10 statements, then YES, you are definitely ready to take the plunge.

1 – You have already gone on vacation together

And everything went well! No trouble, no unnecessary spat… You have the same pace of life, the same desires… In short, everything runs like clockwork, he is easy to live with and you support his presence on a daily basis.

2 – You are at his place all the time

It’s simple. For the past few months, you have been spending most of your time at his place. Rare are the evenings when you go home to sleep alone. So frankly, what’s the point of paying rent for nothing?

3 – you project yourself with him

In a few years, you imagine yourself with him, in a nice apartment or a big house. You will smile as you watch your kids splash around in the tub and bicker. Even if you don’t plan anything, you think about it, and it makes you dream…

4 – You are sad when you sleep without him

Before, you loved your life alone. But since he came into your life, you don’t like sleeping without him. You miss his presence in bed and seek him in your sleep.

5 – You have the same hygiene of life

He hates lying too long on Saturday morning, with him, things have to move! He’s athletic, too. He likes to party too… In short, you have the same lifestyle and it’s super important to live with someone.

6 – You love his parents

Since you are going to see them regularly, it is better that you get on well with them!

7 – You have the same tastes

For decoration, for storing things … You are on the same wavelength. You agree on just about everything. In other words, there are no scrambles on the horizon!

8 – You accept him as he is

With his little quirks, his tics, his faults. Now you know them and they don’t bother you more than that. You accept your lover as he is!

9 – Between you, it’s solid

Moving in after six months is a big mistake. Better to wait to get to know each other well and to be sure that we are made to live together. Because if we discover things that we do not like, it will spoil our history …

10 – You have overcome the fear of the toilet

Before, you said to your girlfriends “I’m cacaphobic, I will never be able to poop if he’s there, it blocks me!” “. Today you get to go there when it’s there. Well, there’s no question of leaving the door open of course, but that doesn’t make you sick anymore.