10 signs that the break is near

Repeated arguments, decreased libido, communication problems … What are the signs that prove by a + b that your relationship is seriously failing?

  1. You don’t make love anymore

Ok, we all know that s**x isn’t everything in a relationship. But still: when the person we have in front of us no longer really excites us and we have zero desire to go towards them, to touch them (and no longer if there are affinities), it doesn’t smell very good …

  1. You argue 24 hours a day

It’s simple: any subject becomes a source of argument and psycho-drama. Did he forget that this weekend was the baptism of your little cousin? Oulala, he will hear about it for hours, and the names of birds will fuse!

  1. And you don’t talk to each other anymore

If when you’re done arguing you only open your mouth to throw the next volley, there’s a big problem! Communication is still super important in a couple …

  1. You always go out separately

In a couple, it is important that everyone has their own little secret garden and knows how to carry out their own activities on their own. But if the exits are done systematically without the other, that you never miss and that you are reluctant to return to find him, it is rather bad sign. If you also tell everyone in the evening that you are single, ouch ouch ouch …

  1. You two are bored

At the start of the relationship, you used to spend your time laughing, fooling around, going out … But now that the soufflé has subsided a bit, you realize that it doesn’t have much in common with you, and sitting across from him at the restaurant, time seems a bit long. And for him, it’s the same. Ouch.

  1. All tender gestures have disappeared

Before, when he left for work, you called him on the road, and in the evening before bed, you were super sad if he forgot to give you a big hug. Now, when he goes to work, you breathe, and you don’t even go to bed when he does. As for the little romantic nicknames, they’ve been gone for a long time!

  1. You are no longer jealous

When you see a bomb with dreamy measurements circling around your sweetheart and eyeing him and you don’t even blink, either you are a Zen master who ignores himself or you no longer have anything to do.

  1. Everything he does annoys you

Whether it is his way of dressing, laughing, talking, joking, eating, blowing his nose, or even breathing! You are so saturated that everything you once thought was cute and touching has now become disgusting and shameful.

  1. You no longer take his defense

Before, when your sister or your girlfriend had the misfortune to issue a criticism, however small it was, on your Jules, you defended him tooth and nail! Today, when it is not you who open hostilities, you are not the last to add a ladle, and that does not move you at all. Sad…

  1. You aspire to something else

Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we find ourselves rethinking our single life with nostalgia. This is normal, because life together is not easy. But when you start dreaming about other romantic dates, other stories, other romantic horizons, and it’s recurring, then maybe it’s time to move on. thing.