10 signs that you are THE woman of his life

No matter how much he repeats it to you every day, do you still doubt it? Here are 10 irrefutable proofs that you are THE one, the woman of his life.

1 – You are fulfilled in bed

With him, in bed, it’s ecstasy. You get on each other like never before. S**xual complicity is more than essential for a couple to last … As soon as they can, they jump on you and make love to you!

2 – He is making plans with you

The next vacation, introducing you to his family, buying a house … Your man is making long-term plans, proof that he will still see himself with you in a few years …

3 – He has proposed to you in marriage

What better proof of his love could he offer you? He wants to be united with you by the sacred bonds of marriage.

4 – He loves your head when you wake up

And that’s saying a lot! Hair all over the place, bags under the eyes … And he still wants to kiss you!

5 – He saw you dancing and he’s still there!

It’s true that when you dance, it looks like a sardine that has been taken out of its box! It’s not very glamorous but you let go and he loves it.

6 – He wants children from you

He told you: “I want you to be the mother of my children”. A child is the best proof of love there is. Half him, half you …

7 – You buy an apartment together

A mutual investment is an inescapable proof of the love that exists between two people. He loves you enough to share his money with you!

8 – You are super accomplices

You understand each other at a glance, you have expressions that you are the only ones to understand … In short, you have an unfailing bond and it’s magnificent!

9 – He admires you

To envision a long-term relationship, a man needs to admire the woman who shares his life.

10 – He loves you despite your faults

Like everyone else, you have faults. For example, you are a bit finicky. Well, he loves you despite everything.