10 signs that you fall in love

You think only of him, find him perfect and need to be by his side all the time? Perhaps it was not just a simple flirtation then because you have there all the symptoms of a person in love.

1- You find Him perfect

Physically, mentally, you find this man just perfect. This is proof that you fell in love because according to an American study published in livescience.com , when people are in love, they tend to focus on the qualities and to ignore the faults of the other.

2- You exceed your limits

Usually, in the evening, you do not put a toe on the track, persuaded to be zero in dance. But when he invites you to dance, you accept with a smile and even find it rather nifty.

3- You laugh silly

To believe that he has a crazy humor and that each word he says is incredibly funny (or he makes you guili-guilis while he speaks to you) because the least word on his part makes you chuckle.

4- You only talk about him

The little time you spend separate from him … you keep him busy talking about him. Indeed, without (too much) noticing, you have only one word in your mouth: his first name.

5- You say “we”

You may not have said “I love you” yet, but in your vocabulary, the “we” seems to have clearly replaced the “I”. And luckily your friends dream of meeting him because otherwise, when they suit you for an aperitif “between girls” and you answer: “yes, we will come”, they could be slightly annoyed.

6- Takes your head

At work, in your bed, in front of a film, he constantly haunts your thoughts. Funny, the effect that this simple flirtation has on you! Unless there is a little more …

7- You completely zapped your ex

Until then still obsessed with your ex , you haven’t thought about it for almost a month … Chance or coincidence, it’s been a month since you met him.

8- You are no longer hungry or sleepy

You have lost your appetite, clearly preferring to feed on its presence and spend your nights remaking the world with it (or thinking of it) rather than sleeping, here are two of the most well-known symptoms that affect people in love .

9- His faults make you crack

Too cute, the noise He makes when eating? So attractive, His hairstyle of German soccer players? No doubt, you’re crazy for him.

10- A smile is constantly stuck to your lips

Not that you constantly pull the face before meeting it but there, you sweat with happiness, you find everything wonderful, it is limited if you do not chat with the little birds. While you’re at it, ask them if there wouldn’t be love in the air …