10 signs that your companion is in love with you

We often apprehend the beginning of a relationship because the first meetings are romantic. We would like this to continue in this way even if we are firmly convinced that the effect will dissipate in a while. On the other hand certain signs are there and will remain there even after this ephemeral period of the relation and it is necessary to be attentive when they appear to recognize a man in love.

After the first few days or weeks, you start asking yourself the famous question “does he / she love me or not?” ”
Here are 10 things to consider if you really want to be sure your new boyfriend really loves you.

  1. He respects you

When a man loves a woman, he respects her, cares about the smallest details of his life and takes care of her. If your companion values ​​your ideas and opinions, celebrates your successes and pays attention to your little habits, he knows that you adore a drink or a treat and makes sure to keep them when you arrive. really in love with you.

  1. You occupy his thoughts

He can send you funny stories to make you laugh or even songs or videos that remind him of your presence.
Even more, he can do an internet search on a debate you had the day before – does pasta make you fat or not? – while he’s working. When you are an integral part of his life, even if you are elsewhere, he invests in the relationship.

  1. He makes concessions

Love can soften the heart, in other words, being right is not as important as doing good to your partner. Your darling is starting to take a step towards you in matters where he is usually narrow-minded. He lets you, for example, choose a type of show he swore he would never watch. In this case, he thinks with his heart instead of his brain. This is a huge indicator of his strong feelings.

  1. He touches you in public

Most men are comfortable with being tactile with their girlfriends in private. However, when it comes to a public place the situation changes, men can be a little hesitant.

When your man puts his arm around you in public, he proudly announces to the world that you are together and that he is your protector.

Another gesture that proves his love: when he is very cuddly, you embrace and caress you without having an idea of ​​s ex behind. He wants to be closer to you physically, not just when he wants to go further.

  1. He wants to take care of you

When he makes the effort to comfort and reassure you, he says to you “I love you” verbally and with his actions:

  • He cares deeply about you.
  • He wants to improve things.
  • He offers himself to you body and soul.
  • He wants to make you smile.
  1. He wants you to love his family

He wants to introduce you to people who are very important to him? When a man introduces you to the people who matter most to him, be it family or best friends, it means he has no intention of going anywhere else. He is proud that you are by his side and wants his family to appreciate you too.

  1. He is not afraid to confront or forgive

A man in love is one who is not afraid of conflict or apologies. On the contrary, he fights and respects you even when things get complicated. He listens to your prospect, hates to see you upset and wants to solve problems.
The proof of love in times of conflict is when a man drops his pride, admits when he is wrong and is never afraid to ask for forgiveness.

  1. The “We” replaces the “I”

Listen carefully to the words he chooses. When your partner starts to use sentences in which he implicates you (words like: We, together, the two of them, etc.), this means that he no longer sees himself as single and is now happy. that you are part of his life.

  1. When he talks to you about the future and you’re there

Does he include you in his future projects? Did he invite you to his best friend’s wedding? Is he having fun thinking about your future children? When your man thinks of the future by your side, it is because he does not intend to leave you.

  1. He says it 

When he tells you he loves you, believe him! A man really in love does not keep it long for himself.