10 signs that your relationship is very happy

In a relationship, when all is going well and we don’t see any clouds on the horizon, we say to ourselves that it’s too good to be true, and that something must necessarily be wrong.

But what if in fact, our couple were just happy?

Here are the 10 signs that show that a couple is in love mode!


  1. You make people jealous!

A sign that never deceives, but really never: When your dating friends (or your single friends, it works too) tell you that your relationship is too perfect and that it’s not going to last, you can translate that by a “pfff, we would like our couple to be as happy as yours, how do you do? “. Jealous go!


  1. You make long-term plans

If with your sweetheart you are already talking about the next autumn holidays or about your cousin’s wedding which will take place in May 2017, it means one thing: the two of you are so good that you cannot imagine the future without one. ‘other. If it’s not cute all that …


  1. When things heat up between you, everyone freaks out!

In your entourage, everyone considers your couple as THE solid, happy, and loving couple who will last forever. Suddenly, when you yell at each other and there is water in the gas between you, everyone freaks out! Because if you were to separate, who could serve as a model eh?

  1. You give yourself gifts without special occasion

When the routine settles in a couple, we give each other gifts on Christmas, birthdays, possibly Valentine’s Day, and that’s it. All this, very little for you: as a happy couple in love as on the first day, you regularly give each other gifts without special occasion. Little things eh, just to make you smile, but nonetheless: it always has its small effect!


  1. You lie to stay just two

At the start of your relationship, when you learn to discover each other, it sometimes happens that you cancel a night out with friends for the pleasure of being just two. Well you, even if you live together and you now know each other by heart, it still happens regularly to you to pose bunnies in the evening to have the joy of staying together in love at home! It’s like that: you need your little moments together!

  1. You tell yourself everything

And not just because you’re both +++ gossips or can’t hold your tongue! Rather because when something important happens to you or you learn something crazy, you need to share it with him to get his opinion and be able to discuss it!


  1. You have your little secret language

In addition to giving each other love nicknames, the two of you have developed a whole language that belongs to you and that no one else understands. Clever to be able to gossip without being caught, and to cultivate your bond a little more every day …


  1. You often bicker over trifles …

Let it be said: an argument from time to time in a couple is quite normal, it wakes us up, and it allows us to shout a good blow. You understood it very well and in your relationship, bickering over trifles has almost become a national sport! But beware, these are cute little arguments, not big brawls with optional dishwashing!


  1. … and you love to be reconciled

Moreover, if you argue so often, we strongly assume that it is just for the pleasure of reconciling you 5 minutes later! With lots of excuses, sweet words, big hugs, or thanks to the famous reconciliations on the pillow …


  1. You read this article together …

… Sitting on your sofa, hand in hand, and you have validated (still together, of course) each of the 9 points previously stated while looking at you lovingly. Pfiou, we can only bow: your relationship could not be more united and happy! Hats off, but after that, you shouldn’t be surprised if you make people jealous!