10 signs that your soul has finally found its other half

Our soul mate does not always burst into our lives when we expect it. You know, those nights spent with your girlfriends scrutinizing every boy who passed the door … No, that’s not how you will meet your prince charming.

But when you least expect it. One day, you will be completely turned upside down for having, the next day, completely abandoned the idea of ​​love and decided to adopt four cats! This is where it will burst into your life and make your head spin.

The perfect boy does not exist but somewhere there is someone who will be perfect for you and as soon as you find him you will know.

1. He’s always on your team, your biggest fan, your biggest supporter.

He wants you to follow your dreams and if you fall, he will be there to catch you. Most importantly, he is always there to support you.

2. He is your best friend.

When something happens, be it positive or negative, it is always the first person you want to share the news with. Being with him is not a chore, it’s just easy and natural. You can be yourself without worrying about what he will think of you.

3. You trust him completely and don’t worry about what he does when he’s out.

You know how much you love each other and also that none of you would do anything that could hurt your love.

4. No matter what your argument is, you never think about breaking up –

But simply the way in which you are going to solve things together. You are able to easily communicate and losing the other is never an option.

5. It helps you to surpass yourself, it motivates you to live ever better days.

You want to surpass yourself, for yourself and for him because you feel and know that he deserves only the best.

6. It never makes you feel small and doesn’t put you down.

He wants to help you grow, not tear you down. It offers constructive criticism, beneficial for yourself and for your relationship.

7. He knows he is wonderful and will never give you the opportunity to think otherwise.

He doesn’t have to lose you to know his luck. He knows that you are immensely special and will make every effort to treat you accordingly.

8. When he smiles at you, you feel every ounce of his own happiness.

You never want him to stop smiling because it’s beautiful.

9. He will respect you even if he does not agree with your opinions.

He will respect the feelings that inspire you in each situation. He just wants you to be happy.

10. Last but not least, you are both ready to commit to each other.

You want to be loyal and faithful. You would never do anything to intentionally hurt the other. You are both ready to love and give everything to each other for the rest of your life.