10 signs to know if you are in love with the right person

Are you one of the club of eternal romantics who spend much of the day daydreaming and thinking about that incredible and special person?

But still with thousands of doubts in your head, right?

If you want to know if that person you love is the one, I’ll tell you that there is only one answer. Alert to the details! You fell in love with the right person if this person has also fallen in love with you and they have a healthy, respectful, and happy relationship.

Here I tell you 10 very simple ways to find out if this description suits your case:

1. It is the first person you want to accompany you everywhere

Did they invite you to a weekend at the beach? Is that band that you’ve wanted to go see for so long? Or on the contrary, you must go by the obligation to the birthday of that cousin that you like so badly, but you cannot miss …

There is nothing better than knowing that you can count on your partner for all occasions, be it a simple outing with friends or a tedious meeting that you want to not have to attend. Accompanying each other and doing it with the desire to support the other is very important.

2. Everything is more fun with them

A simple mutual company is all they need to have a good time and laugh. But when they are not there you cannot help but wish that they were present at that moment.

Do not forget that outings with your friends are super important, do not neglect them! But… who are you kidding? We know that you are thinking about how much you want to be sharing that and all the moments with them as well.

3. Both put the other’s needs above their own

Be very careful with this point! This is probably the foundation of a healthy and loving relationship, but it only works on both sides.

If you always prioritize their desires, go to the places they like, cook what they want to eat, go out where they want to go, but it is never your turn to choose … Well, you are in serious trouble!

When you are in love you become helpful and you want the best for your partner taking care of every detail that makes them happy, you will find yourself giving in to many things, even if they are as simple as choosing which series to start watching. Well, this is excellent!

Who does not like to be pampered and given all the tastes? But pay attention, because, in the same way, that you want to give them all the tastes, they are supposed to want the same for you, right?

4. They care for you and respect you

Mutual respect is the basis of every loving relationship both with your partner, as well as with your friends and family. Someone who loves you is someone who wants the best for you, who goes out of his way to take care of you, and is constantly concerned about your well-being.

5. It is unconditional

The most beautiful thing about love is knowing that you can count on that person for absolutely everything, they will never leave you alone, through thick and thin. Feeling that someone is almost a part of you, so much so that you can’t imagine what life would be like without them!

6. They love you as you are

Disheveled in the morning, grumpy on a Monday night, hysterical when you’re in your days … No matter what your worst version is, they know and love it. Someone who loves you would never try to change you, they love your imperfections as much as the best of you.

7. They check on you

Remember to ask yourself how you did in that complicated exam you were talking about a week ago, ask about your friends and family and if you got home safely after an outing … well, they care about you and show it with manifest interest.

8. They don’t fight

If shouting, crying, slamming, and fighting are common currency in your relationship, I’m sorry… But you’re probably holding on to someone who’s not the one. In a healthy relationship, you have to be able to expose your fears and problems in a peaceful way and your partner knows how to listen to you.

There can be arguments as we all have bad days and disagreements. But it is important to be able to differentiate between a silly pointless argument and habitual fights that are part of the couple’s routine.

9. They are your best friend

Other of the best things about love! Your partner is not just someone you like and hang out with.

They are your best friend, with whom you would be with all day every day of the week and still you would not get tired. They are the person you laugh the most with and who you would do anything for because you know they would do anything for you too.

10. Life is perfect

When you are together there is nothing you would change, your worries vanish, it is the moment you look forward to most of the day. You feel that everything is perfect by your side and although there are things in your life that you would like to change, at that moment you forget all that. Together they are invincible!

In conclusion

If you have felt identified with most of the points mentioned, they are the one! When you fall in love it is very difficult to see the fault in the other, everything in them is wonderful.