10 signs your boyfriend is a mom’s son

The mother/son relationship is a sacred bond. What son wouldn’t do anything for his beloved mom? If you think that is cute in theory, in practice it’s something else. Especially when you realize that they have a super fusing relationship and you can safely say he’s a mom’s boy. Here are 10 signs that never fail.

It’s always his mother who has the last word

He refers to her for all decisions, important as well as less important. She wants what’s best for her son, and knows full well that it’s best not to upset her. Even when it comes to you, he still prefers his mother’s opinion over yours.

She can show up unexpectedly and she doesn’t have a problem

Have you been planning a romantic evening for a long time? Step-mom doesn’t care about the calendar. She comes anytime, has coffee or dinner with you, whatever you have planned. And darling adapts to it perfectly.

He does not know the term autonomy

He barely knows how to open a tin can on his own, so let’s not talk about laundry and housework. Besides, it was her mother who still washed her underpants and ironed her shirts, until the day you took over.

He always consults her, for all decisions

Whether it’s a loan to the bank or adopting a chinchilla, he absolutely has to tell him about it. But for once, we can understand that he needs the advice of his parents for that … Even if it is sometimes a little abused!

He compares you to his mother

You hear thoughts that involve her mother every day.

  • Oh, my mother, she doesn’t do gratin dauphinois like that
  • I’d rather you use this laundry, that’s the one my mom takes

And whatnot …

He still makes whims

When she is around, he can not help but make her whims, such as asking her to make her his favorite dish or to take detours to bring her a shirt that he spotted in a store.

She knows his whole life (yours too)

Since he tells her everything, and you are a part of his life, she knows everything about you. Even the most insignificant of details …

He calls her every day

This is where you realize he did not take his independence. It’s nice that he cares so much about his mom, but frankly, even you! he doesn’t call you so much!

He is still in her petticoats

He has his apartment, his life, etc. But since he lives two blocks from his mother’s house, he eats with her every lunchtime and even goes to sleep with her when he wants to be pampered.

When they are together he becomes a kid again

He asks him things as if he was 10 years old, he becomes a little immature in his presence, and behaves like someone who has not really cut the cord….

You’ll have to get used to it!