10 signs you’re dating a manipulator

Run away!

You are in a relationship with a man who is charming at first glance, but who, as you increasingly think, seems to be neither more nor less than a manipulator. For some time now, you’ve caught yourself doing things that don’t suit you, he gets what he wants from you… In short, he’s making you the woman he wanted to get! If you still have doubts, discover in this article 10 signs that do not lie and prove that you are dating a manipulator. If these signs echo you, run away from it!

1. He is egocentric

It’s a fact, your guy loves himself… a lot! At the beginning, you found it rather good, you liked the fact that he had confidence in him… But the more it goes, the more you find it unbearable and pretentious!

2. He often belittles you

Your guy is very frequently aggressive with you, and puts you down whenever he can. As if he is trying to make you lose confidence completely, he criticizes you a lot (negatively) and supports where it hurts. Sometimes he even humiliates you in front of your loved ones. So nice.

3. He flatters you excessively

Conversely, he may start to flatter you completely excessively. So that you continue to respect him and even find him adorable, he will then flood you with compliments, sweet words, and gifts… disproportionate.

4. He adapts his speech to his interlocutors

We all have a chameleon side, and you have to know how to play diplomacy in certain situations. But what’s scary about your guy is that he totally changes his speech depending on who he’s talking to, probably to make him like him. So you never know what he’s really thinking!

5. He does everything to give a perfect image of himself

The handsome, clean, friendly, generous, open, cultured guy… But of course, you have found the rare pearl! In any case, that’s what he tries hard to make believe from morning to night. In society, on social networks… He does everything to be seen as a perfect man!

6. He likes to be complained about

While he never complains to you, he criticizes you a lot without trying to find excuses, he loves being complained! And so, he does everything to make you take pity on him at the slightest little effort on his part.

7. He does not accept criticism

The manipulator, it is certain, has a big problem of confidence in him, hidden under a behavior a priori full of assurance. And as soon as you criticize him, blame him for certain things, or try to make him aware of his inappropriate behavior, he rejects you and gets carried away.

8. He makes you feel guilty

Your guy knows how to make you feel guilty like no one else, he’s really good at it. It manages, without you seeing it coming, to make you responsible for everything and nothing, and to create a real uneasiness in you. This guy is unhealthy, leave him!

9. He loves gossip

Let’s be honest, drinking tea  And gossiping with your girlfriends every now and then is pretty fun. But your guy, he seems unusually fond of gossip, especially when it’s particularly serious. Weird, isn’t it?

10. You feel that he is hiding things

Without speaking of particular signs, you feel that your companion is not clear, that he has ideas behind his head, that he is hiding things from you… And you feel less and less confident with him. Listen to your feelings and try to clear it up, before making your decision!