10 simple strategies to make a friend who doesn’t like you fall in love and get out of the friendzone

Thousands of girls have been in love with a special boy who only sees them as friends and they feel that there is no way to change him. But it is not impossible, you just have to apply a good strategy. You can also learn how to make a friend fall in love with you who is not interested in you.

Take note of these tactics to tip the scales in your favor and get out of the female friendzone.

1. Identify what he does like about you

Think of it like this: if you are friends it is because there is a part of you that you like. A man does not usually have a friendship with a girl if he does not enjoy sharing with her and they have things in common. At least you can be sure that there is something he likes about you. That should be your starting point.

2: Identify the cause that prevents him from falling in love with you

Now that you’ve identified your “strong card,” it’s time to move on to the not-so-pleasant process of identifying what is keeping him from falling in love with you. Again, it can be a single factor or several. The fundamental question is: why am I in the friendzone?

3: Find out what makes him fall in love

For almost all men there is something in particular that makes them fall in love. It does not necessarily have to do with the physical, which is raw attraction, it is the personality and compatibility between the two that causes them to bond emotionally.

So the next step is for you to find out which trait in a woman’s personality she finds completely irresistible. Usually, it is one of the following, or it can even be a combination:

  • Self-confidence.
  • A great level of femininity and vanity.
  • Sense of humor and some impudence.
  • Responsibility, ambition, and rectitude.
  • Shyness, tenderness, and vulnerability.
  • Culture and good intellectual level.

Since you are his friend, you already have enough access and you know him enough to find out which of these factors attracts him the most. Remember the type of woman he has fallen in love with and find what traits they have in common.

It is possible that you do not have that same particularly developed trait, or that you do and have not had a chance to demonstrate it. But it’s all about attitudes and virtues that can always be learned and projected with practice.

4: Stop any signs that may indicate that you like him

If you’ve even sent him signals by email that you’re madly in love with him, stop now! You must accept that if you have sent signals and he has not responded, it is possible that they simply do not get his attention or that they play against you and make you less attractive.

When you have been in the friend zone for a while, it is difficult to stop these behaviors – from romantic glances to total availability – because you have already gotten used to behaving like this with him. That is why it is useful to make a list of things that you should no longer do and be careful to avoid them.

Among them are: tell him you like him, send him hints on social networks, dedicate songs to him, send him messages every day, insist even if he lets you see, offer him help without asking, say yes to everything, seek physical contact with him, etc.

5: Genuinely shine and work on yourself

If you already know what your strengths are, what your areas of opportunity are, and you’ve changed the way you relate to him, the latter alone may have sparked his interest or, at the very least, his curiosity.

Surely you are wondering why you were there at all times before and not anymore. That is a very important point in your favor because it will probably start to miss your attention.

Now, while he is racking his brains trying to figure out the cause of your change in attitude, it is time for you to get down to work on the most important thing: yourself.

This is the point that will define whether or not he falls in love with you. If you want others to love you, you need (you already know) to love yourself first.

6: Limit your availability

have less time for others. Specifically for that friend who has you in the friendzone.

Do not worry. The fact that you no longer give him all your time will not cause you to lose his friendship. On the contrary, it will help you earn their interest. In addition, it will make him see that he cannot consider you as someone who will always be there when he wants to.

Sometimes a man who has you in the friend zone, consciously or unconsciously, tries to prevent you from leaving it. That is why he may get angry or try to blackmail you when he feels far away. Even the “law of ice” applies to you.

Don’t be scared off by these behaviors. In fact, they are a great opportunity in your favor if you know how to react. If instead of falling back and forth, you ignore the tantrum and act as nothing happened to him, his interest will heighten and it could turn into love.

7: Show him he has competition

If you have followed the manual this far, then you have already managed to arouse interest in it, but perhaps it has not yet taken the final step towards falling in love. How do you do it? Well, the easiest way to give that final push is to put competition in front of you.

But be careful, because it is very likely that in this process you will realize that there is someone better for you or you will fall in love with another person who does correspond to you. Either way, you win.

What you have to do is expand your radius of emotional possibilities. Hang out with more people, meet more people, sign up for apps like Tinder, etc.

And make sure he knows that he is no longer your only or your most important option. This will add a feeling of jealousy to his friendship for you, and that often leads to romantic love.

8: Don’t show your jealousy

Remember that any show of jealousy towards a woman that he dates, or likes, is a mistake. Jealousy is the main signal to show that he likes you. And as we already told you at the beginning, that is something you should avoid.

Instead of being jealous of “the others,” show your empathy and sympathy for them. You will look more mature and self-confident. That will also help him reveal more about them to you. As you can imagine, this way you can better sound out the competition.

9: Show that no one understands him like you

Everything we’ve just taught you at no point should be construed as that you have to start being hostile or cold to him. It’s not about sending the message that you don’t like him, far from it.

At the same time that you stop the conquering attitudes that have not worked for you and focus on yourself, you must continue to be a great friend to him.

Now you are no longer that girl who was dying for him, but the friend with whom he can have the best time because he feels that they accept him as he is. Without tensions in between and who understands it like no one else. A person who is not always available, and therefore he values ​​more.

10: Be someone to help him be better

There is one last thing you need to do, besides making him feel understood. Don’t tell him that everything he does is okay. Don’t laugh at all his jokes, even if they are rude. Do not tell him that the bad thing that happens to him is the fault of others and not his.

True friends always tell each other the truth, even if it hurts. And if you want to earn his trust and love, you also have to be honest with him.

He must understand that you do not idealize him, but you see him with someone with defects and virtues. That way it won’t feel “safe” to you. Additionally, he will see that your presence in his life really helps him to be a better person. If you really want it, being a good friend should be a priority.