10 simple things to maintain your couple

After a while, passion can weaken. However, there are happy couples like on the first day. But how do they do it? We share some tips for you to rekindle the flame and maintain it.

In the beginning, love is beautiful, tender, accomplice, passionate. But over time, the routine settles and we take bad habits. So in order to prevent the flame from going out completely, we share more moments for two. It is not enough (only) to go to a restaurant once a month or watch a series together. There are a lot of little things that are very easy to put in place to be happy as on the first day.

Turn off your phone

When we find ourselves on the couch at night, we tend to stay focused on our phones. Even at the restaurant. We check Twitter, Instagram, Facebook … But isn’t the most important thing in front of us? In fact, we don’t always take advantage of the present moment and we may end up regretting it. So let’s go down, let’s disconnect. We leave the phone in our pocket or bag and chat with the other. There is nothing complicated.

To flirt

We all remember our first meeting. From our first date. Of those moments of flirting that made us happy. Over time, we forget this feeling of desire. What if we hooked up again? It’s a great way to show our partner that we are always attracted to him.

Ask each other questions

The principle is not to conduct a police interrogation every night to find out what he did. In fact, asking the other person how their day went by shows that they are interested in him. “Being curious about what your partner is doing invites you to be more attentive. This keeps you connected with him,” advises Ether Boykin, therapist and relationship expert, in an interview with Real Simple.

To touch oneself

“Touch my body,” sang Mariah Carey. And she was not entirely wrong. Touch is often overlooked throughout our relationship. According to Debra K. Fileta, a professional counselor specializing in relationships and marital problems, in an article written for Relevant, “Even if you have to program hours to hold your hands, do it. Physical contact shows your interest and your desire for the other”.

Say goodnight every night

We stop going to bed each on our own and turning our backs. Before going to nestle in the arms of Morpheus, we nestle in those of the loved one. We don’t tell you to cuddle for three hours, but to say “good night” is already cute.

Sleeping naked

Sleeping naked is good for everything, it’s scientifically proven. We don’t necessarily talk about making love, but feeling the body of our partner is reassuring and tightens ties. So we take off our clothes and we love each other to warm up.

Going out for two

It’s great to have the same favorite restaurant and go there every week. But maybe it’s time to break the routine, right? “This kind of habit can kill passion,” says psychologist Arthur Aron PhD, at the Prevention site. So we improvise a weekend at the last moment, we choose a restaurant where we have never been, we go dancing salsa on a quay edge …

Lift each other up

There is nothing better than feeling supported and pushed upward by your partner. So we help him move forward when he faces a problem. We help each other, we listen to each other, we boost each other.


In a couple, we don’t always agree on everything. And it’s normal. So if we argue, we must know how to forgive the other. It is useless to take the head for nonsense, it is the secret of happiness.

To laugh

Laughter is the key to an accomplice and a healthy relationship. For doctor Doris Bazzini, “couples who are enjoying the same thing are on the same wavelength. It tightens the bonds”. So we take the time to remember old delusions that we had together and we are not ashamed to laugh.