10 situations that prove your guy is very sensitive

A sensitive guy is super attractive. Because we don’t necessarily realize it at first glance, here are 10 situations that prove that your guy falls into this category.

1 – He is romantic

He sends you cute texts, he calls you several times a day, he reserves you surprise weekends, he reads collections of poems…, In short, your man is a great romantic who loves beautiful things.

2 – He is emotional

Sick children, a homeless man who is dying of hunger… As soon as he hears bad news, your man becomes sheepish. These events touch him deeply, which proves his great emotionality.

3 – He watches cartoons

He knows all the Disney movies by heart and loves to watch them for whole afternoons. Which is rare for a man. Moreover, he always sheds a small tear when the father of the Lion King dies.

4 – He knows how to keep a secret

The sensitive does not like to display his private life. The less he talks about himself, the better he is. On the other hand, when we tell him a secret, he remains silent. And that is great.

5 – He cries in front of movies

Incredible but true, your man is so sensitive that he cries in front of romantic comedies or dramas. We must admit that it is touching.

6 – He monitors his Facebook account

to check if his contacts like what he has just posted. If not, he deletes because he hates not getting approval from others.

7 – He doesn’t like violence Violent

series or video games, very little for him! It assumes that there is enough violence in the world to add to it virtually.

8 – he is considerate

Proof of his great sensitivity, your man is always concerned about your well-being. He is attentive, considerate… A real prince!

9 – He’s laughing for nothing

The least we can say is that your man is a good audience. Funny jokes he loves! Proof of his emotionality!

10 – He is very intuitive

Very often, you hear him say “I don’t feel it”, “I feel that something sad is going to happen today…”. Your lover listens to her intuition and she very rarely cheats on him.