10 situations where men and women do not react at all the same way

We know it well: the men come from Mars, and the women from Venus. But nonetheless: there are situations in everyday life where men and women react in so different ways that we can only be surprised … and laugh at it too!

  1. When getting up in the morning

A woman will be at the cleat: breakfast, shower, brushing, then the same for the children (without the brushing), before doing a lot of shopping on the internet that she will pick up after work and quickly tidy up the house. Pfiou!

A man will wait until he has snoozed 8 times to get up, with a cadaverous face and a cavernous voice as a bonus. And if he is in a hurry, he will skip the “shower” box, after putting on the clothes (underpants and socks included) from the day before which were lying on the floor.

  1. To dress before a date

A woman will take her head, hesitate between the 1,248 clothes in her dressing room, scream that she has nothing to wear, panic, and opt for the little black dress she had chosen from the start.

A man will raise both arms, check if his armpits do not smell (too much) of fennec, and if so, put on a deodorant spray. Packaged, it’s weighed.

  1. When we get a text from our date last night

A woman will reread the text 8 times, forward it to her best friends, work out 3 different responses in her head, choose one … that she will send the next day, just to be detached.

A man will say to himself “nice, she wants to see me again”, and will send back a text message “do you think we’re going for a coffee tomorrow?” “.

  1. When the remote control is gone

A woman goes to look for her in her apartment, wondering what she was doing the last time she used it … bingo, she was in the freezer!

A man is going to moan, to whine, to scream “where the hell is that remote control?!?!” “. And since he will be too lazy to look for her, either he will leave Gulli, or he will get up … to change the channel from the TV!

  1. When we have to pack our bags to go on vacation

A woman will prepare a list a month in advance, iron the necessary clothes as she goes, take 12 panties when she is only going for 7 days, and stuff her suitcase with unnecessary things (including a multiple socket). while freaking out at having forgotten something.

A man prepares his suitcase the same day, thinking that if he forgot something, we must have thought about it for him. And otherwise? Well, too bad, it’s vacation after all!

  1. When we forget our cell phone

A woman is going to have a horrible day, leave an “OMG, no such today” facebook status, and spend 2 hours replying to all the texts she receives on the way home.

A man will only notice it in the evening, when he sees his cell phone lying on his bedside table.

  1. When we go to the hairdresser

A woman often goes to the hairdresser with a specific idea in mind. The idea that the hairdresser never understands… what makes her come out almost all the time at the hairdresser disappointed and relieved of $ 125 minimum.

A man does not go to the hairdresser when he has 15 extra minutes on his lunch break and his hair is a little too long.

  1. When we go shopping

A woman will shop as much as possible, try on as many clothes as possible, crack, hesitate, try again to be sure … And slam $ 150 for pants when she basically wanted boots.

A man will wait until all his clothes have holes in them or go to the shops. And not to be mistaken, he is going to buy the same clothes he already has, but newer.

  1. When the other says “I love you” for the first time

A woman will feel her heart speed up and beat at 10,000 an hour, take a mental photo of this moment, and think about the names of future children …

A man will hear an alarm signal go off in his brain: “Alert, alert, this relationship is becoming serious, we must set sail!” “.

  1. When we get dumped

A woman will call all her girlfriends to console her, cry a lot, eat greasy stuff, cry again a lot, and mourn little by little.

A man is going to play the big tough, tell everyone that he doesn’t care, get drunk with his friends … and cry all alone in his corner the next morning.