10 texts that always work with guys

We’re not going to lie to each other: between guys and texting, that’s not really that … Often, when we flirt with them by text, they are super uncomfortable, and don’t really know what or how to answer.

What if we helped them a little, by sending them texts that are bound to speak to them? Here are 10 examples of text messages that always work with guys!

  1. “  Afterwork tonight at my favorite bar. 6:30 p.m. sharp. No delay will be allowed! “

The key to the success of this text? Her “I don’t ask, I impose” side, which will give us a femme fatale side full of confidence and who is so sure of herself that nothing can resist her.

And that is really s**xier than “How would you like to have a drink with me?” Tonight? Or tomorrow? Do you have a preference for the bar? You would be available around what time? “!

  1. “You remind me of Ryan Gosling. In addition to s**xy … “

What could be more effective in putting a guy in his pocket than comparing him to one of the hottest guys around, and telling him that he wins the match with flying colors? He will necessarily appreciate the attention …

  1. “PSG-OM at my place tonight with juices and pizzas? I have BeIN Sports! “

For a boy, receiving a text like that is like Christmas and New Years fall on the same day, and he just won Euro Millions and the lottery! He will return home belly down, and look at us like the 8th wonder of the world. Suddenly, he will be so grateful that he will hardly think of watching his match from time to time … 100% smart!

  1. “Best burger of my life at the restaurant that just opened in the city center. I absolutely must make you discover it! “

This text, apparently, is quite silly. But when a guy takes a closer look, he will find 2 very important pieces of information! The first: we eat burgers, so we’re not the type to count calories at every meal, phew. The second: if we want to introduce him to a restaurant, then we want to see him again. Youhou!

  1. “I just read an article that said that getting into a relationship when we work together is horrible. Fortunately, we’re just friends! “

So that’s clever: by showing him that we do not plan to start a relationship with him at all, we will automatically sharpen his spirit of challenge, and arouse in him the desire to spend the second. Gnark gnark, a little Machiavellian, but formidable!

  1. “Did you tell me Seven was your favorite movie?” I didn’t like it at all! “

The trick here is that he never told us that Seven was his favorite movie. But why tell him then? Well so that he understands that he is not the only guy talking to us about cinema at the moment! It should pique his curiosity and pride, and elicit a response like, “Uh, no, my favorite movie is Blade Runner. How about a DVD party tomorrow night? “.

  1. “Little thought for you straight from my bath”

When we take a bath, we are … quite n**ked. Suddenly, this cute little s**xt should be enough to raise the temperature and make his imagination run wild in less time than it takes to say “bubble bath”!

  1. “What do you say, a Game of Thrones or Walking Dead party at my house tonight  ?” “

A girl who likes a little muscular series, it is necessarily a girl who scores points in the mind of a guy! And then the “home tonight” is bound to tickle him a little …

  1. “Do you mind if I cook for real tonight ?” I ask because I know you only eat frozen pizza;)! “

Humor is an infallible weapon with guys! They always appreciate that a chick knows how to box them with subtlety, or that she is self-deprecating and laughing at herself. So we do not hesitate to cart them, kindly of course. After all, little jokes, jokes, and other delusions, it greatly contributes to creating a bond with someone, right?

  1. “I had a great evening tonight. I want to see you again suddenly … “

With this kind of text, we’ll earn 10,000 points all at once. Already because we prevent the boy from having to write the first post-date text message! Then because we clearly verbalize what we have in the head, without complicated metaphors or convoluted sentences. And especially because a girl who does not wait the 2 statutory days to send a text after a first date, it is so rare!