10 things men notice about women right away

Everything these gentlemen see first about us!

When you watch a guy, there are things you look at first, aren’t there? For some it’s the bu**ocks and appearance; for others, a smile and a look. But when these men look at you, they also pay attention to some little details. To find out, read on.

1. Small or large?

The first thing men notice about us first is our size: small or large? Too small or too big? Yes, men calculate. However, everyone has their preference, it’s just a matter of taste. But apart from the size, these dear gentlemen also linger on our shoes: flat or heeled. Needless to say, they melt when they see us with beautiful pumps!

2 The look

Men pay special attention to the way we dress. At a first glance, they can quickly spot our dress style: Attractive, glamorous, tomboy, classic or cheesy. It is thanks to our look that they will have an idea about us. So, from now on, let’s take care of how we undermine ourselves, without overdoing it and not doing enough!

3.Our perfume

The thing that marks men the most is our scent, more than the way we dress or the color of our hair. So, let’s not neglect the bewitching scent of our shower gel, and let’s not hesitate to lug around a small spray in our bag just in case.

4.Natural or sophisticated?

Our face is very important to men. They stare at it to see if we’re a paint bucket or have sloppy makeup to get a feel for how we take care of our bodies. For them, the girls who take care of themselves are on the first list. However, applying makeup does not mean superficial, because they will notice right away whether we are natural or not!

5. The eyes

Yes, our eyes are among the things men notice first. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and they can say a lot about us, because they allow us to detect the lie of the truth. This is why these gentlemen rely a lot on our eyes. Good eye contact allows them to determine whether there may be a relationship or not. But having beautiful eyes is not enough, you have to know how to highlight them with a well applied makeup.

6.One pimple, two pimples, three pimples…

Our small imperfections on the skin, and especially on the face, inevitably attracts the eyes of guys. They are real pimple radars. So, let’s get into the habit of camouflaging them well, especially if we don’t want them to play counting them one by one!

7.Yellow teeth or white teeth?

The men watch each of our smiles to get a glimpse of our teeth. They fall for us more if we have a bright smile with shining white teeth. So, let’s take care of our teeth, and try to have a smile worthy of a big star, because it looks like they prefer it.

8.Our mane

Our hair stings the eyes of these dear gentlemen: blonde, red-haired brunette… long, short, neat, fluid… curly, smooth… Looking at our hair, they immediately notice whether we were taking care of it or not, because dirty hair, greasy and badly combed scare them away. So, let’s always keep our hair clean and well-groomed.

9.Our nails

These dear gentlemen are very sensitive to our nails, and it is very important to them. At the first impression, they will see if we are looking after our hands well or if we are ignoring them altogether. They pay great attention to clean, well-trimmed and well-varnished nails. So regular visits to our manicurist would not be too much!

10. Confident or not?

Men see through our behavior and the way we speak whether we are shy or not and whether we are confident or not. They find good selfie girls to be gorgeous, and they love it! Girls, from now on, let’s work on our self-confidence, because it is impossible to hide it!