10 things men will never understand about women

It is well known: men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Hence the misunderstandings and disputes. While waiting to find a common ground, Here are the 10 tips for you that men will never understand in women.

1 – We try to interpret what they say

When a man says something, he means it. So torturing your brain, looking for the hidden meaning of what he just said is a waste of time. Guys are not like us to say things while thinking the other way around…

2 – We ask questions we don’t want the answer to

“Am I fat?” “,” Do you still think about your ex? “,” Does this dress mean me? When you ask a man a question, he answers honestly and says what he thinks. So, if you don’t want to hear an answer that might hurt you, don’t ask!

3 – We ask ourselves too many questions

“Why is he not answering?” Maybe I said something wrong ”… Also maybe he’s just very busy and will answer you later. Stop overthinking, live things as they come, day to day.

4 – We expect them to read our minds

No, guys can’t guess what we’re thinking. Shutting down while waiting for your partner to figure out what you want won’t work. In the future, when you want something, you will have to tell him expressly. Otherwise, you can always wait…

5 – We talk too much

We, women, have a visceral need to talk about our emotions, to communicate all the time. They are the reverse. When something is bothering them, they prefer to think alone, on their own. This is why they do not understand that we are constantly talking.

6 – We are going to pee as a group

This is something that intrigues them! They don’t understand why, when we go to the bathroom, we always go with our friends. Just to talk and not be alone in a long queue.

7 – We never have anything to put on

At least, it is because we say that our closet is full to the brim. That’s why they don’t understand…

8 – We say we’re not hungry…

So, we have a salad. Except that then, we prick half the fries that are on his plate. And that annoys him! Why pretend to be on a diet if it’s to eat what he has? It’s just to give ourselves a clear conscience…

9 – We always want to control everything

Men do not understand our need for things to be organized at a minimum. Even when it comes to feelings, it’s hard to jump into a story by saying “we’ll see, for now, we’re enjoying”. Yes, we like to know what we are stepping into, no but!

10 – We play mothers

Men do not understand why we constantly mother them. “Take a sweater you’ll be cold!” “,” Put away your socks that are lying around “. A mother, he already has one, no need for a second. Know that men hate being told what to do …