10 things that happen when your partner puts you first

1. You realize how much the little details matter.

The way he texts you to make sure you’re okay. The way he hugs you after a long day. The way he places the blanket on you when you fall asleep on the couch. These little things show how much your partner cares about you.

2. You feel totally integrated.

He invites you with his friends. He introduces you to his parents. He makes you feel like you are someone he intends to keep over time.

3. You feel less pressure.

You don’t have to work on your goal to impress her. You know he will always find you good. You know he’ll always want to see you, even if all you want to do is lounge on a lounger. You know he’ll always love you, even when you’re in a bad mood.

4. You never question his intentions.

If he offers you something, you don’t think he is trying to ease his guilt or that he is trying to coax you. You know he only treats you that way because he wants to. Because it’s in his nature.

5. You learn to love yourself.

After you’ve heard about your beauty and love for years, you’ll start to believe it (at least a little bit). Your insecurities will slowly disappear until you can accept the compliments.

6. You no longer have all of your trust issues.

When your partner makes a promise, you know they’ll keep it. When he leaves for a weekend, you know he will stay loyal. He’s a great person so you don’t have to worry.

7. You never feel like you bother him.

You will never hesitate to tell him about your little problems, because he will never blame you for being overly sensitive or getting upset with you for expressing your feelings. He really wants you to be honest with him. He wants to know what’s bothering you and know your insecurities.

8. You feel that you are really appreciated.

You won’t wonder if your partner has real feelings for you, if they are happy with you, if they care about you as much as you care about them. You will feel that he loves you by the way he behaves around you.

9. You can relax.

He will plan the outings, choose the restaurants. It will do half the work so you don’t get tired of doing a two-person job.

10. You are no longer paranoid.

If he’s taking a little too long to respond to your messages, you won’t wonder if he’s ignoring you on purpose. You know he’s busy and will get back to you as soon as he can.