10 things that make a man want to see a woman again

The first meetings and the first dates all have a little something magical … but also super-stressful! We try to make a good impression, we think really hard before speaking, in short we do everything to please the gentleman in front of us, so that he wants to see us again.

But in fact, what makes a man really want to see a woman again?

  1. That she keeps a part of mystery

Because if from the first meeting he leaves knowing EVERYTHING about us, from our phobia of clowns to our allergy to cashew nuts through our complicated relationship with our ex, what could possibly motivate him to see us again? to learn more about us?

  1. That she doesn’t look at her phone every 30 seconds

We know, our cell phone is almost grafted to our right hand. But still: guys, even if they are not all great romantics, prefer that we get lost in their eyes rather than in our Twitter notifications!

  1. That she shows her desire that there is a next time

In a subtle way and without appearing to be: “next time, I’ll pay for the cocktails”! That way, it will prevent them from straining their brains to find out what we thought of this date.

  1. That she is interested in him a minimum

Uh, as a reminder, the girls: a first date is like a political debate (well, except for 8456 things!) … If each protagonist does not have more or less equal speaking time, it is is a bad sign. So we don’t forget to shut up and let him place one!

  1. That she doesn’t give a sign of life

Nothing scarier for a guy than a chick who is ultra-available, very in-demand, and too present from the start. Conversely, taking a few days to respond to their texts always excites their curiosity. Good, 1 or 2 days maximum, eh!

  1. That she is spontaneous

The first meetings and the first dates, it can be terribly tense. So nothing like a chick who relaxes the atmosphere with rotten jokes, who is fresh and full of life, in short, who does not let stress paralyze!

  1. That she asks him questions

Ok, we don’t understand anything about his job, ok, we absolutely don’t know the authors he talks about, and we find his passion for curling slightly questionable. But whatever, we will pretend to be interested: he will see that it requires a little effort, and he will appreciate!

  1. That she is not afraid to reveal herself

A woman who speaks fervently about her areas of interest, about what moves her or revolts her, in short, a passionate woman, it’s always attractive for a man.

  1. That she is herself

Often times, on first dates, women try to look their best and look perfect. Suddenly, it scares the guys who do not feel up to it, or who find that they lack roughness. So we don’t hesitate to talk to her about our love of the French variety, and our ability to recite the alphabet while burping (uh, maybe we’ll save that one for later!).

  1. That she take the lead

After a first meeting, saying to a man “I would like to see you again”, that shows him that we are sure of us, and in addition, it will prevent us from hanging out for hours in front of our smartphone while waiting for his text!