10 things that makes your man miss you

Although the fusion of a couple can symbolize the passion of the couple, the feeling of lack is just as important to strengthen the feelings. In a relationship, it is very important or even crucial to give your partner time to feel your absence because it is this one that reminds him of the strength of his feelings! If you do not know how to revive the flame in your relationship, here are 10 things to do to miss your man.

If you are in a relationship or want to start a new relationship in the right way, it is necessary to show your partner that two like you, there is none! With certain daily actions, you will be able to make sure that your man does not take your presence for granted and that he still feels the lack of your presence when you are not at his side. 

Leave some clues of your presence at home

Whether it is a jewel or any other item that belongs to you, leaving it around your partner will surely remind you of your presence. Moreover, the latter will not be able to refrain from remembering the moments spent with you, which will only increase his desire to see you again as soon as possible.

Make sure you miss him by taking a little time for yourself

Sometimes, couples who do not let go of a sole tend to forget why they love each other! Associated with habit and routine, their love loses all its passion and it finds itself quickly allied to a feeling of weariness. In fact, being too present does not leave the other person’s chance to breathe or to feel the lack of his partner. For this purpose, take time for yourself and do not hesitate to leave it alone from time to time.

Do not be “too” available

If he calls you, do not throw yourself on your phone on the first ring. Give your partner time to ask questions and feel a slight sense of worry about your silence. It will not fail to remind him how much he cares about you.

Take your time with him

There is no point running; Good things come to those who wait for. Indeed, eagerness sometimes blurs the feelings and the discovery of the other who wants to be progressive and exciting finds himself rushed and spoiled at the same time. 

Choose a perfume that represents you

Your smell is able to captivate for hours, so you understand the importance of choosing a  unique fragrance that represents you perfectly. With this scent, you will be able to trigger memories in his head without even being present at his side, which will not fail to stir his desire to see you soon.

Keep a piece of mystery

For each relationship, time must be allowed to time. Indeed, a woman who is fully exposed from the first day destroys any notion of mystery that could have intrigued his partner and push him to want to know more. Coming from prehistoric times, this concept awakens in man his hunting instinct and makes him want to start your conquest.

Have fun without him

For a man to feel your absence, he must think that life continues on your side and that you are able to enjoy yourself without him. Indeed, this one will tend to think that your life revolves around him. It is therefore interesting to shake this conviction from time to time.

Subtly wake up his jealousy

With subtle details, show him that you are being courted by other men. His competitive spirit will take over and it will be a pleasure to show you that you are his.

Take care of yourself and your appearance

Even if you have been in a relationship for a while or married, do not relax the sartorial efforts. It is true that when the habit sets in, certain gestures are lost but it is very important to take care of oneself and to remain coquettish.

Show him that your time is precious

Take the initiative and show that you are not available when it comes to seeing you. Be careful, that does not mean that you have to denigrate his proposals. Just make sure you maintain a good balance every day so that he appreciates every minute of your time!