10 things that prove guys are a thousand times se xier in the fall

There is no season to be s exy, but admit that autumn brings with it that je ne sais quoi that makes our men incredibly attractive. Is it because they pulled out their leather jackets? Or is it because they are teeming with projects at the start of the school year? We no longer know very well, but one thing is certain: autumn suits them well. The proof by 10 (and a little second degree).

1 / They finally pulled out their leather jackets

It doesn’t take much more to give them a little Marlon Brando touch in L’Équipée sauvage . The leather jacket, a piece as old as the world but which continues to make its small effect.

2 / FINALLY put away their sandals

The shoe manufacturers frankly make no effort and the guys find themselves every summer with a choice as limited as improbable of sandals. It’s not their fault, but we still prefer them in sneakers.

3 / The drop in temperature makes us want to stick to them

It’s so cold outside, we deserve a big hug very warm and soft, right?

4 / Strangely, their 3-day beard fits better this season

We don’t know if this is linked to the “Movember” event or to the return of the hat, but all of a sudden, their unshaven cheeks become incredibly s exy.

5 / Back to school, suddenly they’re full of projects, suddenly they’re even more attractive

A man full of ideas is necessarily very attractive. And then you never know, his motivation may rub off on us.

6 / Who says back to school also says resumption of sport also says S EXY


7 / Because it is not too cold yet, they roll the sleeves of their sweaters and shirts on their forearms

And if there are tattoos on said forearms , their s exyness rating explodes. If, if, it even seems that it is scientifically proven.

8 / Seeing them sipping a Pumpkin spice latte gives meaning to the term “comfort drink of autumn”

A man with a Pumpkin Spice latte in his hand is like a man with a cat: it feels good and it makes you want to cuddle him very hard.

9 / It is generally at this time of year that they decide to cook good meals for us

After a summer spent taming the barbecue , the man lets the chef inside him wake up. Here he is full of seasonal vegetables and we simmer good little soups . We are certainly not going to complain about it.

10 / They finally put out their flannel shirts, transporting us directly to the 90s or to Canada of your choice

A little Kurt Cobain, a little Lumberjack , the man of autumn gracefully wears his very cozy checkered shirt. Now is the time to curl up against him.