10 things that will inevitably happen to you if you live with a guy

There is no point in fighting, at least beyond the first months of cohabitation, you will necessarily end up doing all these things now that you live together!

1- Deflower the mystery of your “bathroom ritual”

Maybe he thought you were wearing makeup, beardless and brushed naturally . He will discover that in fact not, and that it even takes you a while to transform yourself into this person. Fortunately (or not), he too surely has some rituals that you would ignore … like leaving his beard hair in the sink , for example.

2- Make compromises on your TV programs

He loves to bubble up on Sunday in front of the “Best Pastry Chef” replay, are you more like good old TV movies with rose water? Everyone will have to put a little of their own and in the end, you will taste some of his favorite programs and he of yours. Better yet, you will find yourself watching series together !

3- Spend time together, but separately

Before you move in together, you spent all your time together. This is obviously no longer possible at the risk of imploding after a few months . So you are both present under the same roof, but sometimes, everyone goes about their business.

4- Hang out in your holey pajamas, loose mop

Sleeping naked or wearing a pretty nightie, and spinning your hair every morning when you jump out of bed is s exy but not necessarily viable 365 days a year. At some point, you will be (too) cold, and you will want to put on a warm and cozy garment (your old jogging hole in this case). As for your hair, you will no longer necessarily have the courage to untangle it barely with your eyelid open. And, in principle, that will not prevent him from finding you the most beautiful!

5- Lower the toilet seat before peeing

Because telling her 1,000 times will be useless, she will be proudly lifted perpetually. Unless you learn to pee standing up !

6- Receive gifts

If you were told that moving into an apartment with your guy was going to rain the gifts from those around you and give you an excuse to make a mega fiesta at home, you would have signed a long time ago.

7- Get bigger (a little)

A study carried out among 1,000 Internet users living in couples by CCM Benchmark Panel for the site “I Love My Diet Coach” reveals that love does make you fat . In fact, more than one in three couples would gain weight after having settled together. Fortunately, if this happens to you, you will surely both be in the same boat!

8- Play the hermits

Now that you’re in a relationship and living together, you have a lot less desire to go out to party every night. And you discover with joy that cocooning in love is just as exciting!

9- Play “Madame is served”

Cooking, cleaning, taking out the trash, spreading the machines … Now you are not alone in having to stuff yourself, you share the chores. And if you feel like he’s giving up on the job, remind him that housekeepers are considered great shots .

10- Dreaming together

Travel, romantic weekends, marriage, baby, purchase of real estate … If cohabitation goes well, it’s the beginning of a whole bunch of other projects for two!