10 things the perfect guy must tell you

Sentences that hit the mark

In a relationship, there are phrases that are always pleasant to hear. Like “I love you”, “I can’t imagine my life without you”, “you are everything to me”, “next to you, Jessica Alba is too ugly”, etc.

But there are also little phrases, less conventional and less banal, which touch us all the more …Here are 10 examples

  1. “Do you want me to go get you another pot of ice cream?” “

Our best friend told us that she was moving to Zimbabwe. Super sad, we cried 12 liters of water, and we just swallowed a pot of chocolate ice cream to cheer up. Well instead of judging us, the ideal guy will step into our shoes, understand our grief, and offer to bring us the vanilla-strawberry jar lying in the freezer. Adorable.

  1. “Saturday night, how about going to a jazz concert?” “

The thing is, jazz is a bit of his kryptonite and he’s absolutely not a fan of that musical style. But like US, it’s downright our thing, he takes it upon himself to take us to a concert … while in addition, on Saturday night, there is a super important football match. If that is not love!

  1. ” My ex? I wonder how I could have stayed with her for so long ”

Implied: not only do I currently have no connection with her (phew!), But in addition since knowing you, I really understood what love, passion, and happiness are. Jackpot!

  1. “No, I don’t want to know your password on Facebook”

First of all, it means that he trusts us completely, and that he will never take advantage of our being in the shower to go dig into our cell phone. Then, you should know that generally, the less a guy is suspicious, the more he is irreproachable. Yeh!

  1. “You look like you’ve had a terrible day. I’m canceling with my friends and I’m here in 10 minutes ”

To have a guy who you can count on and who, throughout the relationship, does everything to show us that in life, his number 1 priority is us, it’s crazy how warm that is to the heart. ..

  1. “You really are the best”

Let things be clear: we know very well that on a daily basis, we are not the easiest chick to live with, and that we have many faults. But if we are to believe Chéri, we are the most beautiful, the funniest, the most cultivated, the nicest, the most enthusiastic, the most sparkling of the girls that exist. It’s good for morale!

  1. “Do not be discouraged, you will get there”

Yes: the perfect guy is the one who will pull us to the top, push us to do everything to achieve our goals (whether personal or professional) … nothing to do with the unambitious loser afraid of the slightest change!

  1. “Are you going out again tonight?” I thought we were going to have a DVD party ”

Nothing cuter than a guy who, even if he likes his independence and his evenings with friends, shows from time to time his need to spend time in the arms of his little darling. So cute!

  1. “Come on, I feel you need to talk”

It’s genetic: men are by nature less talkative and prone to communication than we are. So a darling who makes the effort to come to us and pull the worms out of us so that we express what we have on our hearts, it’s a superb proof of love. This one must be kept!

  1. “In 20 years, I imagine us at 2 … at least”

So that’s the winning combo! Already, that means that for him our relationship is important and that he no longer has any doubt (s) about us, but that in addition, he is making plans for the future and everything and everything. Bingo!