10 things to know before dating a girl with a cat

This girl makes your head spin and pleases you enormously… But she hasn’t told you everything about her life: she has a cat! And this detail is not to be taken lightly … Here are at least 10 things to remember before dating a girl who has a cat.

  1. She takes pictures of him all the time

Cats are the stars of social networks, and she wants to share with her friends and followers the exploits of her kitty. She even has an Insta account dedicated to her cat… Of course, she’s sane!

  1. He has power over her

He can fart in her face, scratch her violently and meow at the door of her room, it only takes a small purr for her to forgive him everything. She might give in and let him sleep with you, just because he has a “too cute face” and she feels sorry to leave him alone. 

  1. her decoration revolves around the cat

Cat tree, cages, hiding places, toys lying around, little nest near the radiator… She has thought of absolutely everything for the well-being of her feline.

  1. Loving cats and especially her cat is a bonus

Of course, if you tell him that you don’t like cats, it’s wrong. But if these little hairy purring animals move you, and in addition, you get along well with SIEN, then you don’t have to worry. Nothing will make her fall more than seeing you cuddle her cat.

  1. You will have cat hair gripping your clothes

It is a plague, but difficult to fight against. Especially if it’s an indoor cat, which loses its hair and leaves traces absolutely everywhere, even on your little classy pants. Get a brush!

  1. Don’t think of him as just an animal

It is not a simple animal. It is her life companion, her confidant, her blanket when she is sad. Be careful what you say.

  1. He may ignore her, she hangs on

This cat gives her about 10 minutes of love a day and the rest of the time ignores her completely, just thinks about eating and sleeping. Imagine if you had this behavior even for one day…. And yet, she clings to his furball.

  1. She talks to him and thinks he will answer her

She asks him if he likes his kibble, if he wasn’t too bored while she was at work, she tries to interpret his meows, and sometimes she thinks she can talk cat.

  1. She cleans his litter box and his vomit without any disgust

He has a litter nook all to himself that stinks of poop and pee, but she cleans it conscientiously and regularly, and when he throws up where he shouldn’t, she doesn’t get mad and cleans up behind him without flinching. 

  1. Sometimes you will feel like he hates you

You feel its pupils staring at you and when you turn you see the gaze of a demon ready to leap over you and tear your soul apart. He will surely jump on you. But 10 minutes later, he’ll give you a hug. And you will understand why she loves him so much!