10 things women do when they’re unfaithful

Learn to read the signs

Unfaithfulness? The characteristic of men? While it is true that most of the time, it is the male gender who cheats on their partner, women can also be tempted by passing stories and pick up lovers. Fed up with mom’s daily life, they want to reconnect with their femininity, to feel wanted and desirable again!

As long as a colleague is interested in them and it is the door open to new extra-marital experiences to spice up their s**x life. However, far from being transparent, unfaithful women show some signs! So if you have any doubts, here are 10 signs that leave no doubt to unmask the culprits.

1- She takes care of herself

One of the first signs to pay attention to, especially if your partner is not the type to dress up, wear makeup, take care of herself, or even that until now she had rather a tendency to let go. If overnight she goes to the hairdresser, buys new outfits, gets her manicures, and comes back with a ton of beauty products, that must put you on alert. Maybe she intends to seduce someone or she has already met someone!

2- She asks you about your plans

A woman who is too curious necessarily has something to hide! Beware if your partner asks you about your schedule, asks about your schedules, asks you to tell her when you get home. You should be worried. This means that she wants to control your schedule to organize meetings with her lover and prevent you from coming face to face with the unwanted!

3- she is distracted

Does your sweetheart who is always ready to listen to you and talk to you suddenly become distracted? When you talk to her, she listens with one ear and has her head elsewhere. You have the impression that she is slowly moving away from you and is no longer interested in you at all. It may mean that she is thinking of someone else.

4- She takes her phone with her

Whereas before, she left her phone lying around everywhere, not finding it or asking you to answer when the cell phone vibrated, suddenly, she developed an obsession with the cell phone. It’s simple! He follows her everywhere, including to the bathroom. And if you have the misfortune to look at the screen, she immediately starts hiding it. Weird, did you say weird?

5- She blushes when she mentions “a friend”

As you mention a person’s name and ask her who it is, immediately her gestures become nervous, she stammers, blushes, becomes clumsy! In short, she loses all her means! Strange! Especially if your partner is usually quite calm and nothing disturbs her. And when she feels that you have doubts, she gives you the ultimate phrase “He’s just a friend” but without giving more details. Keep a close eye on this friend in question!

6- She buys lingerie

Before, it was more like a cotton bra and panties to be comfortable! And all of a sudden, your partner starts investing in glamorous and s**xy lingerie, lace, wearing branded red and black underwear. While you have never had the right!

7- She is no longer cuddly

Was it part of her little rituals to cook up romantic dinners alone? She loved to give you surprises and hugs! And suddenly, nothing! Your partner no longer makes an effort to break the routine, she no longer looks at you, avoids touching you as much as possible, and, worse, is reluctant to have s**x. This lack of affection can be a sign that she is fulfilling her desires with a lover.

 8- She moans all the time

Your sweet and tender partner starts to transform into a harpy who shouts at you constantly for a yes or no? The toilet bowl is not closed? Are the dishes poorly cleaned? So many pretexts to argue. You have the impression that she is looking for the little beast just to make your mind. Be careful, this may be the goal to break up with you.

9- She dodges explanations

Your relationship has more and more difficulty in communicating because your partner refuses to give you explanations during arguments? Before, you always managed to defuse conflicts through dialogue. Now, your partner prefers to leave, shut himself up in silence, and remain silent. 

10- She goes out a lot more

Was your partner more of a stay-at-home type? And suddenly, she wants to go out without you, using the excuse of evenings with girlfriends at the restaurant or at the cinema, spending hours in the bathroom before going out! Insist that you accompany her to one of these parties to really see who she is dating!