10 Things Women Want But Will Never Tell Their Man

Women are usually more expressive than men, but sometimes they may not be able to convey everything they feel, such as what they expect from their partner as a gesture or word.

Women often need their men to be attentive to their needs without talking about it explicitly. Obviously, this does not apply to all women, but there are things more common than others that a woman wants from her man and she will not say!

1. Be proud of me

Every woman wants her man to be proud of her, she hopes that he accepts her as she is and that she recognizes the efforts she engages in the couple. She needs to feel that her partner is proud of her without asking for it, and if he lets it know it’s even better!

2. Protect me

By protection, we do not mean physical or financial protection but emotional and spiritual protection. Women want their partners to understand when they are heading for depression, and help them get back on their feet. A woman expects her man to be aware of the issues that affect him and to be there for him. Despite her need for compassion during these moments of vulnerability, she will never express it.

3. I deserve your attention

In reality, this applies to both parts of the couple. When two people are in relationship, their mental and emotional well-being is relative. The woman can not expect the attention of anyone other than her man, she needs to feel that she is a priority in her life.

4. Speak with me

Men are often silent, they will use gestures more than words to express their feelings but a woman needs to hear very specific words. She will appreciate that her man is open and talk to him about all the things he is thinking about.

5. Help me

At times, women and men all need help, they can not do everything alone. Whether it’s for shopping or for children’s education, a woman needs help. She needs to feel that her partner is there to support him and that she is teaming with him, moreover, it is thanks to that finally that the couple will succeed. This point is one of the things she will not say explicitly but she will expect her man to do it on his own, it’s so obvious according to her!

6. I may need a break

A woman may need time for herself alone. She may want to stay isolated for a while to gather her thoughts. It does not mean that she is trying to break up or that her feelings for her partner have changed, it may simply mean that she wants to get back on her feet. She will not speak about it but if the man is attentive, he will understand!

7. Lead the couple when I can not do it

A relationship is based on equality and most women are more than capable of taking care of their own needs. They are intelligent, independent and often play the role of leader. Often, the woman will lead and take over the reins but she also needs her partner to know that she is not always able to do it. And it is at this moment that he must intervene and help him, as he will do for him.

8. I need intimacy

Whether physical, mental or emotional, intimacy is very important to the woman. She would do things to hint at her need for intimacy but would rarely talk about it directly. His man must understand this and will be forced to decrypt the signals sent by his partner when she needs it.

9. Be considerate

It is very difficult to be attentive to the needs of someone else, but in a couple, you have to be careful, one way or another. Think about what your partner needs, what they like, what they do not like and what motivates them. A woman does not make this need explicit, but she is right if she expects her partner to be caring.

10. Accept my imperfections

A woman needs to be accepted, whether it be her body, soul or spirit, especially from her partner. She knows she’s not perfect and maybe she has flaws, but who does not? The most important thing for her that she will never say is that her man accepts her imperfections and feels safe with him.