10 things you can do to make the girl you like happy, proven

1.- It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to fall in love with the girl you like?

No problem if you don’t know, you are not the only one. Today in our Blog, we will show you how to make the girl you like happy. For example, how to conquer a shy and difficult woman? Keep in mind that every girl is completely different.

Every time you propose to make the girl you like fall in love, you realize that it is very difficult to understand her. You don’t know exactly what they want. It doesn’t matter that you have experience with previous girlfriends, this one is different.

2.- Making your girl happy means that you have to learn from her

The most important thing to fall in love with is to make the girl you like happy. If you can make her happy she will call you, she will want to be with you always. But you have to be careful not to stay as his best friend.

It doesn’t matter if a girl already accepted you as a girlfriend, you have to make her happy. Only if she is happy, even after a fight she will want to stay with you. Happiness makes strong relationships.

3.- You should know that women always change over time

All people change over time, but women more. After a while you can meet the girl you liked, she will no longer be the same. You can no longer make her fall in love in the same way.

The man falls in love with a woman hoping that she will not change. The woman falls in love with a man hoping to change him over time. I mean, you can’t make a girl happy in the same way all the time.

How to make the girl I like happy? Dedicate yourself to getting to know it. Don’t assume she’s the same as other women. With women, don’t generalize what he likes and dislikes.

4.- To make the girl I like to fall in love, find out her tastes

It is not about the man taking care of the happiness of a girl, but knowing how to behave properly. You have to know her and not assume that you know her.

For example, if you want to give him something, it is easy to assume that he will like something pink. But it is not like that, because your favorite color may be another. Much better is to ask, girls, love to talk.

5.- To make the girl you like happy, always reply to her messages

For example, when it comes to conquering a shy and intelligent woman, you first have to earn her trust. You have to show that you are up to him and that you are worth it.

If she texts you, reply as soon as possible, no matter how busy you are, she is your priority. If you don’t make the girl you like your priority, you are fooling yourself, you really don’t like her.

6.- Your girl’s hobbies are a good clue of what she wants

To make a girl happy, watch what she does and why she does it. Only if you observe attentively and without assuming anything, you will be able to meet her and surprise her with what she loves the most.

Falling in love with a beautiful girl can be easier if you can be positive about what she loves. For example, for you, lipstick is something that you can do without, but not for a woman.

That is, if you put yourself in their shoes, you can understand them more. And that attitude will make you look more sympathetic to them. Consequently looking for you will consider it a happy action.

7.- To fall in love with the girl of your dreams you have to be very affectionate

Most women like to be affectionate and to receive affection. Therefore, to make the girl you like happy you have to put aside your rudeness.

A woman may have reservations about being affectionate in public. But when they are in their private space, they do not hesitate to give a hug, a kiss, and some loving words.

How to make the girl you like happy? It doesn’t matter that she’s already your girlfriend, you keep falling in love with her. As tough as you are, she needs you to be especially cuddly.

8.- To make a girl happy, wear the clothes she likes

Women like to take care of their children’s and their husband’s clothes. Well, that means that as a friend, suitor, or boyfriend, you are going to want to do that too. It just makes them happy.

For example, to conquer a shy and difficult woman, she has to consider you part of her world. Obviously, you have to give in with a lot of their tastes, but with nothing that disturbs you.

9.- How to make a girl fall in love easily: Getting her friends and family to appreciate you

To make the girl you like happy, nothing like her family and friends will like her. Unless she’s a renegade, and it still might not work for all women.

First of all, observe how much you appreciate your family bond and friends. If all goes well, find something common between your family and hers. That means many hours of intimate chat.

For example, if she tells you how her parents met, she is giving you access to something very intimate. If you relate to something that she loves, she will consider you a lot.

10.- The most important thing to conquer a girl is to be fun

Making my girl happy means presenting my most authentic, positive, and optimistic side of my life. When it comes to mating, life puts us in a state of maximum sympathy, don’t block it.

A man in a good mood is extremely attractive to a woman. They love to laugh and express their emotions. You don’t have to be a clown, just learn to laugh at yourself.

We all have fun memories of our past. Also, when it comes to making the girl you like happy, you’re going to get very witty. Just improve your self-esteem so that spark can flow.