10 things your partner should never tell you when you argue

Disputes within a couple are completely normal. Sometimes it helps to consolidate the couple after having everything flat. However, sometimes certain words are hurtful and can have an impact for a very long time. Certain words can demean us, destabilize us and make us completely lose self-confidence. Indeed, if certain arguments can strengthen the couple and make the other accept them as they are, others can lead the duo to shreds.

It is therefore very important to turn your tongue twice in your mouth before uttering certain words or not to let yourself be done if it is you who are the victims.

Here are the 10 sentences to never say to your partner:

– You never do either …

You blame your partner for something and he is quick to throw the ball back at you with a completely different subject. This is absolutely not the time to engage in a game of ping pong. You have to know how to blame intelligently or not do it at all.

– It’s okay leave me alone!

If this sentence makes it possible to cut short a dispute it will not solve the problem.

– You’re the best

If this sentence taken out of context could be taken as a compliment, it is absolutely not it during an argument. On the contrary, this sentence is full of irony and aims to make this person feel guilty.

– You make fun of yourself

Your partner makes you understand that the reason why you get angry or that you are annoyed and absolutely ridiculous. However, it affects you and it does indeed make sense to you.

– Stop!

Very often, in the argument we put an end to it when we have nothing more to say however this does not necessarily settle the other party. So accept that your partner needs to say his word too.

– No but …

To place a “but” in an argument is to try to justify oneself when sometimes it would be enough simply to accept one’s error.

– Calm down !

Asking the other to calm down when pissed off is really not a good solution. On the contrary, it could accentuate the nervousness.

– I am leaving …

A phrase you never know how to take. Go away for a few minutes or finish the relationship? This often leaves doubts and we do not know how to interpret this sentence reason why it is important to ask for explanations.

– You’re really just …

You guessed it, there is an insult at the end of the sentence. You should never let these kinds of words pass, these are the limits not to be exceeded in a couple because it could be usual and become dangerous.

– Our relationship has become difficult to live

Pessimism about a couple’s future is never a good thing. It can even make the other person lose confidence, who will wonder if his partner really wants to continue with him or her.