10 times when your man gets on your nerves

Even if you have the perfect love with your partner, there are times in life when he gets on your nerves particularly! Have you noticed how men have this ability to irritate you casually and sometimes without doing it on purpose? In short, certain situations exasperate you and you do not fail to let your man know. Daily annoyances that are part of married life. Top 10 times when frankly your spouse has the gift of getting you off your hinges.

1- He does not change the toilet paper roll

Horrifying, isn’t it? Here you are suddenly taken with a small desire and there, to your great despair, the empty toilet paper roll hangs miserably! And no matter how much you point out to him, the same scenario keeps coming back! As if it is difficult to open a package to put a full roll back in its place!

2- He never lowers the toilet bowl

Another great classic that annoys you deeply. As soon as your man goes to small corners, he has this annoying habit of raising the toilet bowl and especially of leaving it as it is without ever lowering it . Result: it’s up to you to stick to it each time.

3- He leaves his socks lying around

Sometimes you feel like you are his mother! Because yes, your man does not put anything away! He leaves everything lying around on the floor, in the corners, especially dirty socks! You spend your time getting back to business behind him. It seems that it is too tiring for Monsieur to put his clothes in the dirty himself.

4- He leaves crumbs on the table

Do you trust your man to clean the table properly? Well, that’s a mistake! Because when you decide to put some papers on the table site, you realize that the crumbs have not been removed! It is annoying and unpleasant, although it is not difficult to take a sponge and remove everything.

5- He never uses laundry

Your man may notice that the laundry is a pyramid and that everything may soon collapse, it does not mean that he will have the idea of ​​launching a washing machine! No, he’s waiting for the last moment and the point of no return, when you literally explode and decide to take matters into your own hands. The solution? Wash only your laundry!

6- He does not know how to dress children

Have you already taken the test? Let the man in question manage to dress the children! First, it will ask you where the clothes are! Then, once all the drawers of the dresser have been drawn, he will have fun disguising the children by matching clothes of different colors or by putting the clothes inside out. Result: an original and stylish look for your children!

7- He does not take his hair out of the bathtub

As long as you are a neat freak, it’s a reflex that gets on your nerves and you start to believe that your companion is a hopeless case! He never rinses the tub and leaves his hair hanging out here and there! You must always go behind him! It’s like having another child to deal with.

8- He does not clean the dishes

Your man wants to cook well, he’s even an excellent cordon bleu! You don’t mind his handling pots and pans! No, what pisses you off, in particular, is that it’s up to you to do the dishes afterward, to scrape pots and pans and other dishes because the man, himself, believes that he played his role in preparing the meal. meal.

9- He invites his mother without telling you

Another annoying habit that annoys you! When he tells you that his mother is going to spend this afternoon for tea and that he feigns surprise when he sees your eyes round with anger. Are you sure? Didn’t I warn you? However, it seemed to me to have told you about it! In short, in addition, he is playing the ass when he knows very well that he hasn’t said anything to you.

10- He leaves his beer capsules lying around

Then again, you have nothing against your man drinking a beer! Or invite friends over for a drink. What you blame him for is leaving empty capsules and bottles all over the table. Result: you put on your cleaning lady’s costume to collect all his waste behind him.