10 tips to avoid a difficult date

In life, there are two types of dates: those where everything is going wonderfully well, where osmosis is present right away, and where you already feel that something exceptional is happening. ..

And there are the others: those where the whites are legion, those where we feel a vague uneasiness growing gradually in us, and who make us regret leaving our home.
For all those who are used to crappy dates, here are 10 tips to avoid them in the future!

  1. Choose a strategic location

Well, that’s the basis: when you have a date with a boy you don’t know too well, you might as well take the initiative and choose the meeting place ourselves. The goal? Choose a restaurant or bar not too far from home. That way, if things turn out badly, we can retreat to our den quickly and well done, without needing Monsieur to accompany us back and attempt the breakdown!

  1. Have a plan B

How do you recognize a rotten date? Time, which passes excruciatingly slowly … To put an end to a disaster meeting, there is a little trick: first, we agree with a girlfriend! And if we text her “Help” during the evening, she has to call us and pretend something really serious that needs to be reached immediately! It’s ugly, but it’s effective …

  1. Refuse arranged appointments

Ah, when our entourage plays Cupid, it often starts with a good intention, but unfortunately, it rarely does. Because when we are told that we are going to meet the look-alike of Ryan Gosling and that we find ourselves facing an ersatz Kev Adams, we have trouble! To avoid disappointments, we say NO to arranged appointments …

  1. Always check the goods before

Flirting on the internet, it’s true that it’s handy when you’re shy. And when the time comes for the date, we’re both super excited, but also super-panicked: what if we don’t physically like it? To avoid making a face or our face betraying our disappointment too much, it is still better to ask our Apollon93 for a little photo beforehand!

  1. Take a look on social networks

Going to check the Facebook or Twitter profile of a guy we recently met and who wants to see us again is a bit ugly on paper. But in reality, it can save us so much inconvenience! Already, if his status is “as a couple”, or if we see that he only posts selfies of himself shirtless, that saves us unnecessary travel, and a wobbly date!

  1. Don’t drink too much

Often, during a first date, we are stressed, and we like to have a little drink to relax. But when the “little glasses” follow one another too quickly and too many, you end up completely drunk! And having to hold our hair when we vomit, that’s not one of the things guys dream of for a first date …

  1. Avoid certain topics

To make a date go well, there are some things you should avoid. The most stormy of them? The exes of course! Because if we talk about our ex in a too vindictive way, we will sound like a bitter and mean chick, and if we talk about him in a warm and friendly tone, he will say to himself that we still have it for him. Better to be silent, therefore, and talk about something else (no politics, no marriage, no child (ren), and that should do it)!

  1. Say no to too romantic places

What could be more embarrassing than going to an ultra-romantic restaurant for a first date? Between the soft music, the subdued light, the red roses on the table, the rosé champagne that arrives, and all the couples around who kiss greedily, we feel so uncomfortable that we no longer dare to look. Mister in the eyes …

  1. Avoid eating certain dishes

Because who says date maybe says (first) kiss at the end, it is better to avoid eating dishes based on garlic, onion, or spices. Because when you have a pony’s breath, unless you come across a horse-riding fan, it doesn’t make you want to!
In the same vein, we will avoid cabbage-based dishes and too fatty dishes, known to give gas …

  1. Don’t ask yourself too many questions

Finally, the main reason that our dates become a hassle is often that we ask ourselves too many questions. ” How it will go? “,” I must say what? “,” I should avoid which subjects? “,” If he offers me a nightcap, what do I do? “, etc., etc. What if we just let ourselves be carried away by the moment?