10 tips to simplify your married life

Living together, on paper, is always “woaaah”. But in reality, it is often a little “ouch ouch ouch”. Here are 10 tips to make life as a couple more “yeah”!

  1. Trust each other

When you think about it, mutual trust, what is it so calming: no more reading texts, spying on social networks, untimely balls in the stomach, sterile and aggressive interrogations. Starting from the principle that we can trust the other is still much cooler …

  1. Apply the rule of “1 time in 2”

Nothing could be more unbearable when in a couple, it is always the same person who chooses the film at the cinema, the destination of the next vacation, the name of the dog, the wine at the restaurant … By applying the “once is me, once it’s you ”, there is something for everyone, and everyone feels listened to and fulfilled!

  1. Stop thinking about “performance”

If in 2017 men and women are super-liberated in bed and s**xuality is no longer really a taboo, we are now paralyzed by a new scourge: the fear of not being good enough in bed. Not lasting long enough, not doing well enough, etc., etc., etc. Uh, as a reminder, s**x must be a moment of pleasure and sharing. So we forget the competition and the rivalry, and we stay in the exchange!

  1. Distribute household chores … and be a bit less demanding

Ah, household chores, here is a subject of dispute (s) one can not more frequent in the couples. Well, as we know that these gentlemen will never be the kings of the mop, if instead of yelling at them when they forget to put fabric softener in the washing machine, we congratulated them for having thought of programming the washing machine. -dishes during off-peak hours? On the other hand, the more or less equitable sharing of household chores according to the performance of each, no question of giving it up!

  1. Don’t ask yourself too many questions

Women, it is well known, love to think and ask themselves thousands of questions. But if instead of saying “Where is this story going to take us”, “Does it really suit me intellectually”, “Do I imagine it with children”, we were asking ourselves the real question … namely “Am I okay with him?” “. If the answer is yes: bingo, we just have to let ourselves be carried away a little, to see …

  1. Take an interest in the passions of the other

In short: instead of rolling our eyes when he goes to join his friends for football night with his Zidane jersey on your back, we stop playing the snob and we go with him. It will make him super happy, and in addition, there is a good chance that we will play the game. And the icing on the cake: maybe next time, when we go to sing in the choir, he will propose to himself- even to accompany us to try!

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

It’s true that: to always compare our couple to that of Marc and Julie, Romain and Clémence or Derek and Meredith (well what, the series work too), we always end up saying to ourselves that it is better in others. But what if we refocus on ourselves, our needs, our expectations, our desires, our desires …?

  1. Remember that the other is not a diviner

Yes: even when you think very, very strongly about something, it is not because you have been in a relationship for a long time that the other is necessarily going to guess it. The best way to make others understand what’s on your mind and avoid keeping something on your heart … is simply to tell them, and to express it clearly.

  1. Don’t forget to reassure him

Even if there is still a lot of progress to be made in this area, in 2017, women still really emancipated themselves. Something that sometimes scares the male s**x a little, who would almost doubt its usefulness … So even if we know how to assemble an IKEA piece of furniture in 10 minutes, we let our partner do it to prove to him how big he is, manly and all and all!

  1. Live more day by day

Even though moving forward according to a very precise and well-planned plan is reassuring, it can also quickly become overwhelming … because as soon as one of our desires does not fit in with the schedule, the other feels overwhelmed. , does not know how to react, panics, and we end up telling ourselves that we are not on the same wavelength. So, what if we stopped planning everything to enjoy the present moment a little more?