10 Tips to win back your ex girlfriend

Help, she broke up with me! For many men, a world falls apart in this situation. But is the situation really so dire? Not necessarily! I will tell you the 10 best tips to win back your ex-girlfriend.

Because if you trust the right strategy and do everything right from now on, your odds won’t be that bad. Remember: she’s been with you before and must have seen something very special in you…

So find your way back to your old strengths and become the man of your dreams again if you want to recapture your ex-girlfriend!

How the pain of separation makes us blind

Many men completely lose their composure when their partner breaks up. Completely understandable, because such a separation hurts us and plunges us into a deep emotional hole of longing, sadness, anger, and guilt.

But the problem with that: the torturous longing for love makes us blind. Instead of planning the next steps and acting prudently, we tend to savage activism and worsen our chances with the ex-girl.

Winning Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: Avoid These Mistakes!

If you want to win back your ex-girlfriend, you  definitely  shouldn’t do the following:

  • Trying to win her heart back with gifts, bouquets of flowers, etc.
  • Affirm how important she is to you and how much you love her
  • Beg submissive, true to the motto: “Let’s try the relationship again, I’ll change…”
  • Asking urgent questions, such as, “What did I do wrong?”
  • Jealous stalking (in real life or on Facebook)
  • You threaten to harm yourself or her
  • Get revenge on your ex out of anger by playing nasty pranks on her or exposing her in public
  • Write long emails, letters, or WhatsApp messages
  • Try to make her feel sorry for your lack of love
  • Contact your best friend to find out about her
  • Assign blame, discuss and argue about the reasons for the end of the relationship
  • Blasphemy among friends and acquaintances

It should be clear: if you run after this woman, stalk, or get aggressive, you continue to scare her away. With that, you get the exact opposite of what you want. Anyone who wants to win back their ex-girlfriend is therefore very ill-advised to engage in this type of behavior.

She broke up a lot recently and you become a suffering Hulk? First, completely move away from it until you are under control again – and can calmly consider how to proceed!

The “Ex Back Strategy”: 10 Steps to Success!

If you avoid the errors mentioned above, you will greatly increase your chances of recovering them. But what can you do now to make her your friend again?

Basically, you always have to arouse positive emotions in her in order for her to miss you. Follow this proven “ex-back strategy” with 10 tips and tricks:

1. Accept the separation!

Does that sound contradictory? Granted, yes. But it’s true: the best strategy for getting your ex-girlfriend back is to treat her as normal as possible – like a good friend at first. Be kind and be in control of her as if everything is fine between you.

Also, tell or write to her that you think the breakup is a bad one, but still accept her decision.

Of course, this is difficult and often easier said than done when you are sad or angry. But this is the only way to take the breath out of the sails of another climb with negative feelings and not push them further away from you.

This behavior also makes him different from her ex-boyfriends – an important quality if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back and make you fall in love all over again.

2. Enforce a contact block to smooth things over!

Avoid the woman for a few days or weeks with this contact-blocking strategy until the storm calms down and your boat (maybe we’ll be together again soon?) drifts into calmer waters again.

That means no more contact with her, no more WhatsApp messages or calls! Not even if you want to congratulate your ex on her birthday. And don’t react to their contact attempts either! Once you’ve gained (emotional) distance from each other, everyone has time to process the breakup.

Maybe she starts to miss you a little bit when the apartment is so empty without you and there are no messages from you…

3. During relationship break-up: Get your life in order!

In radio silence time, you live your (hopefully) orderly life, have fun with your friends, pursue your hobbies, and do all the other things that are good for you.

Now it’s time for a fresh start, where you catch up on everything you didn’t have in the relationship… the barbecues with friends, the trips, and football on the weekend.

This behavior shows your ex that you are independent of her and that you can manage your life without her. You are proving independence that is very masculine and therefore seems attractive to women in order to win them back!

At the same time, it helps you too, like the lover to distract yourself and mentally to get back on your feet.

4. Show your ex your exciting lifestyle

All your activities and travels should not go unnoticed by your ex-girlfriend. If she hasn’t heard from friends and acquaintances yet, you can rub your new lifestyle under her nose with pleasure:

Just post emotional vacation photos, shaky rock concert videos, and whatever else you’re doing to Facebook.

You may have become a potato couch during your relationship, which happens to us men very quickly. But now the woman sees that you are an exciting adventurer and may even want to be a part of this exciting life!

5. Make her jealous of other women!

Do you want her to miss you even more? What I just explained in point 4 of my “ex-back strategy” can be increased by making the girl a little jealous.

So lead an active life and meet other women!

You don’t necessarily have to end up in bed with the beautiful blonde at the club if your heart is still attached to your ex. But a little flirting doesn’t hurt to get other memories and see that there are other interesting women out there.

Furthermore, as is well known, competition stimulates business – even when they flirt! So let them know through your Facebook posts or by gossiping with friends and acquaintances that you are having fun and meeting other women without her.

6. Pay attention to the signs: is the ex-girlfriend still interested?

All this time, watch for signs that your ex-girlfriend is still interested in you. Maybe she contacts you or makes suspicious Facebook posts.

Even if you do contact her again (see below), you should pry your eyes and ears up to recognize signs of interest/feelings!

This knowledge helps you to estimate exactly when the woman is ready to take the next step with you in flirting (making phone calls, going on a date, etc.).

7. End contact blocking with ex and get in touch with her!

At some point, you will have reached a point where you have to get close to your ex-girlfriend again – if you still want to win her back after your great single life.

Talk to her via WhatsApp – but not with that annoying “Hi, how are you?” In her message. Also, don’t immediately start with negative topics like your broken relationship!

Instead, keep a positive attitude when writing to her on WhatsApp and have a fun chat conversation about your experiences over the last few weeks (travels, excursions, etc.)!

You can underline everything with a corresponding photo that you send of your activities, after all, photos usually say more than a thousand words.

8. Call your ex-girlfriend and chat

If she reacts positively to your WhatsApp contact attempt, you go a step further and call her. Talk to her about last night’s hot party, exciting weeks of a beach vacation, or the community college pottery course that changed her life.

In the conversation, you should also subliminally add that you know other women to make them jealous. If she hasn’t already figured it out in the three corners, she can now be confident that you have your life under control and can shape it independently of her.

This makes him a desirable man again in their eyes – such good prerequisites if you want to win your ex-girlfriend back now!

9. Meet your ex as a “new man”!

In the next step, you can set up a date with her – as if it were your first date. Important: If you really want to get your ex-girlfriend back, she needs to realize that you’ve changed and that you’re the man of her dreams again.

Remember: she will have reasons to separate from you. If she really depended on you, you should look for traces of her weaknesses and correct the course.

Have you been very clingy during your time together, have you been let down or have you tried to please her? Analyze your relationship problems!

If you want to win your ex-girlfriend back for good, you really need to have learned from your mistakes and developed your personality.

10. Relive the emotions – remember them from the past!

Old people often talk about how beautiful everything used to be. This kind of nostalgia isn’t just celebrated by old grandmothers at the coffee table. Women also like to look to the past, which is why this strategy has proven itself in winning back ex-girlfriends.

Tell her about shared experiences in your best moments, for example about the weekend in Paris or the visit to the zoo when the two of you rode an elephant.

Make a great movie! It will make her feel positive and remind her that you are a nice guy after all. And maybe her desire for the past becomes so strong that his ex-girlfriend now wants to win him back too…

If the “ex-back strategy” doesn’t work…

If you know me, you know I’m always honest with you. This is why I have to tell the truth now:

In my experience, women often don’t get involved in a new relationship with their ex-boyfriend. But that has nothing to do with you as a man.

Because maybe the emotional wounds are just too deep, she can’t handle the breakup, or she’s long had a new partner by her side.