10 ways to know he’s THE ONE

That’s it, we met the man of our life, the unique, the one, the future father of our children … We are sure of it, we know it deep in our little hearts, we feel it.

But hey, as we have already crashed a few times in the past, how can we be 200% sure?

It’s HIM, because …

  1. He pleases all our girlfriends

It was inevitable: he had to meet our friends for the ultimate test! Victory: he did really well; friendly-funny-serious-compassionate-listening-cheeky-reassuring, he made them all crack. Hey, not too much, eh …

  1. His “I love you” make us melt

We could play it hard celibate, independent working-girl who assumes and does not need a man, the first time he said “I love you” we had the heart which beat faster than if we had run 200 meters in 10 seconds!

  1. We talk about HIM all the time

We are so on our little cloud of love that we can’t help talking about him all the time … But not just to our BFF and our mother, to everyone: to the postman, to the baker, and even to our banker who calls us because our account is messing up …

  1. In regression mode

We may be 30 years old (ok, 35!), Since we have been with him, we have been rejuvenated by quite a few years: when he leaves for the weekend, we put his perfume on our pillow; we put lots of heart smileys next to his name on our phone

  1. Me, jealous?

The ultimate proof that it’s HIM? Since he has been in our life, we have become (a little) jealous! Well, we’re not really jealous, but still, it’s weird that the saleswoman at Sephora gave her 3 free samples when we only got one, no?

  1. We kiss all the time

Before meeting him, we castigated these couples who could not help kissing in public like teenagers … But since he’s been by our side, we always want to hold his hand, to make him a kiss on the neck, to smooch it on a public bench …

  1. We found 10,000 stupid nicknames

Call him by his first name? Too bad! To show him our love, we prefer to shower him with nicknames that are a little silly (let’s face it!) But so affectionate: my rabbit, my chick, my kitten, my treasure, my sugar heart, my Superman, my Loulou d ‘ love…

  1. Everything to please him

When we met him, we wanted to put it in our pocket so much that we invented a whole bunch of stories to show him that we were 100% complementary. So, for our birthday, we ended up with 3 DVDs from a Hungarian director that we had to pretend to love. Should not!

  1. He makes us forget everything

Today our alarm clock didn’t ring, we screwed up our suede shoes in the rain, we had our suspenders pulled up at work, we screwed up a super-important date, and we were super- zero at our dance class. But when we got back to the apartment and he took us in his arms, we suddenly forgot everything!

  1. We want to meet his mother

Before, we shunned encounters with a mother-in-law like the plague. But with HIM, it’s not the same: we want so much to be a part of his life 100%, that we would like to meet Step-Mom … Anyway, as he is perfect, he has already told us that she was going to love us!