100 questions, what to ask the boy you like, meet him and make him fall in love

1.- Is there something you regret and would never do it again?

When you like a boy it is important that you get to know him as attentively and quickly as possible. What to ask the guy you like to get to know him better? It may be that they are not compatible or that they share a lot in common. These questions will improve your relationship.

2.- If super powers could be bought, which one would you buy?

3.- Do you have a habit that you don’t like?

4.- Have you had any unpleasant experience?

5.- Is there a person who is not in politics that you would like to be head of government?

6.- Is there a cheesy song that you have learned?

7.- Is there a character in the story that you would like to talk to?

8.- Are you one of the people who considers it important to listen to news every day?

9.- Is there a gift that they have given you and so far do you remember it?

10.- Would you donate a part of your body in exchange for free wifi for the rest of your life?

Know what to ask the boy you like to be more comfortable

A girl shouldn’t be afraid to ask a guy some questions, especially if she likes him. When you are more confident you can ask him some more daring questions. It is not just about looking for reasons to talk, it is also about adjusting your expectations.

Knowing someone questions can save you a lot of time and headaches. The more you know what to ask a guy you are meeting, the easier it will be to continue or stop. Remember that the more you talk to a guy, the easier it will be to flirt. When choosing what to ask the guy you like, don’t anticipate an answer.

11.- What do you prefer the most, to be five times smarter or twice as happy?

12.- Do you remember what you cried the last time?

13.- Is it frequent that you get nervous when doing something?

14.- Is there something you are thinking of doing to surprise your parents?

15.- Is there a TV program that you think is the best in the world?

16.- Do you still remember your favorite TV show from your childhood?

17.- Are there any strange things that attract you to a person?

18.- Some things or facts that make you feel superstitious?

19.- If you suddenly become a woman, what is the first thing you would do?

20. What would you do for someone if you had an unlimited budget?

21.- Do you think someone wants to say something nice about you? It would?

Our suggestions of what to ask the guy you like are to feed your curiosity. You must put your personal touch according to the circumstances. Your questions to talk or fall in love should be positive to encourage, not an interrogation.

If you forget what to ask the guy you like, just tell him to tell you something. Don’t worry about remembering your questions, don’t ruin the moment.

22.- What do you prefer to live in, a big house in the city or a small house with a great view?

23.- Is there any curiosity about your family that you like?

24.- Is there a time when everything has gone wonders?

25.- If you could travel to the past, what advice would you give yourself?

26.- An experience that you would like to live anyway before you die?

27.- To do something where someone gets in the way, do you prefer to ask for forgiveness or permission?

28.- Imagine that you are a great singer, how would you title your first album?

29.- Is there something shameful that you have done that your friends still remember?

30.- If you had to choose a single seasoning for your meals, what would it be?

31.- How many people would you like to celebrate your next birthday with?

32.- So far what has been your worst moment?

33.- Something strange in your relationship that can cause you to break up immediately?

34.- Is there a fictional movie character that reminds you of yourself?

35.- Is there a fictional character with whom you have felt a platonic love?

There are many daring questions for a man, but what matters where you want to go. Keep in mind that if there is not the proper confidence and way to ask the questions, they can be misinterpreted.

So when it comes to figuring out what to ask the guy you like, look for things that are fun. Funny questions always work with friends and new acquaintances.

36.- If there were no problems for you to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

37.- Do you have a strange habit that you don’t want others to know about?

38.- Is there someone who knows you better than anyone else?

39.- After leaving school, what do you remember the most that you did?

40.- How do you think people who know you describe you?

41.- What is the last book that you loved to read?

42.- What do you prefer, inexhaustible love or money?

43.- If they assured you that you only have one more week to live, what would you do?

44.- Is there a song that you listen to very frequently?

45.- What do you prefer, beach vacations or traveling through ancient cities?

46.- If you suddenly become a prodigious being, in what would you like to stand out?

47.- Do you think that one day you will win the lottery?

48.- If you could exchange your life with someone, who would you do it with?

49.- Do you believe in the law of the cause and effect of karma?

50.- If all the successful people in the world wanted to dine with you today, who would you build?

51.- You dream of being famous, what do you see yourself doing?

Interesting flirting questions need a certain degree of confidence. Also take into account your body language. The way you move and smile should match your conversation questions.

Be very careful with awkward questions. Even questions for a boyfriend have their moment, be timely. All your questions for boys that you want to know must be very clear and looking him in the eye. Choose what to ask the boy you like according to the circumstances you live.

52.- When you go talk to someone important on the phone, do you rehearse what you are going to say?

53.- What would have to happen to make it a perfect day for you?

54.- Do you remember the last time you sang for yourself? Would you sing for someone else?

55.- If you could live to be 100 years old with the body, energy and mind of 30 years, what would you do?

56.- At some point did you have a hunch about how you would die?

57.- What three things would you like to have in common with your partner for life?

58.- Is there something in your life that you feel very grateful for?

59.- If you could change one thing about the way you were raised, what would it be?

60.- If the person you love asked you to tell him the story of your life in 4 minutes, what would you tell him?

61.- If upon waking up you were given a choice of a new ability, which one would you take?

All of our suggestions on what to ask your crush on are carefully thought out to create a positive atmosphere. So if you inspire your own questions to ask a guy, smile, love yourself.

All your questions for a guy you are meeting should carry your touch of sympathy. If you notice that he is uncomfortable, talks about other things or just smiles, you are not questioning him.

62.- If a fortune teller could tell you the truth about your life in the future, what would you ask?

63.- Is there something you are dreaming of doing these last months? What prevents you from doing it?

64.- What is the achievement that you consider most important in your life?

65.- When it comes to friendship, what do you value the most?

66.- Is there a memory that you are very happy about?

67.- Is there something unpleasant about your past that you still remember today?

68.- If you knew that you have one more year to live, would you change something in your life? Why

69.- What is the greatest meaning of friendship for you?

70.- What does love and affection mean in your life?

71.- Can you talk about the 5 positive characteristics of the last couple?

In all cases when you already know what to ask the boy you like. For example, you already have 10 questions, do not pressure him to answer all of them. Let yourself be guided by the moment.

Each of our questions to ask a guy are to spark a conversation. It may be the only question if things are going great. The plan is not questions to fall in love, but to live in the moment.

72.- How much do you talk in an animated way in your family?

73.- Do you remember good happy moments of your childhood?

74.- How is the current relationship with your mother and the rest of your family?

75.- Can you tell me three true things about this moment with me in this place?

76.- If at this moment you were with the love of your life, what would you like to share with her?

77.- If you were suddenly the best friend of your partner, what important thing would you like him to know?

78.- How honest are you with your partner, do you always tell her what you like and don’t like about her?

79.- Would you share with your partner some shameful moment of your life?

80.- Have you ever cried in front of another person? And you alone?

81.- Would you tell your partner something that you would like him to change in his body?

The most beautiful thing about knowing that to ask the boy what you like is the positive touch you put and what you awaken in him. Let yourself be carried away by what arises, perhaps there is no need for more questions.

82.- Is there something about you that you have never liked others to joke about?

83.- If you were to die right now, would you regret something you didn’t tell someone?

84.- Imagine that your house catches fire when you are alone and you have only 5 minutes to go out, what would you rescue?

85.- Of all the people in your family, whose death would affect you the most?

86.- On what personal problem would you ask your partner for advice right now?

87.- In the last year, how many interesting and successful people have you met?

88.- If they told you to take the place of an actor you admire, in which movie would you have liked to act?

89.- If you were a very rich Arab, what famous girls would be part of your harem?

90.- If you had a best friend, what characteristic would you value the most?

91.- What would you do on your first date with the most beautiful woman you’ve always wanted to have?

Always keep in mind that our questions to ask a guy are general. You will have to adapt them for your specific case. If you allow yourself to be carried away by your creativity, your conversation questions can be very original.

When you have something on your mind to ask the guy you like, first tell him something you like about him.

92.- When you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be alone or have someone cheer you on?

93.- What would you have liked to keep from the child you were?

94.- What is the most important and recent learning that you have had?

95.- If there was only one type of food for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

96.- Do you have at least 5 things that you are very grateful for in life?

97.- What two animals do you prefer as a pet?

98.- Is there a subject or discipline that you would like to study in depth?

99.- How do you prefer to spend a day off with your partner?

100.- What two characteristics would you like the love of your life to have?