11 bad reasons to stay in a relationship

Why stay when everything is bad?

When you share your life with someone for a certain period of time, and when you know full well that the relationship will no longer work, sometimes, you stay out of habit, for fear of being alone, for fear of hurting the other … is no longer happy, we just can’t seem to separate, bad idea! Here are the reasons to stay in a relationship as the story gets more and more spiraling.

1.Fear of being alone

It’s true that after having shared your life with Jules for years, finding yourself alone overnight scares you. However, nothing is impossible, and no one is irreplaceable. If you pull away from this relationship, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the loneliness and the freedom to take stock and think only of yourself. And don’t think that you are going to be alone forever. Meetings, you will do them much faster than you think. After that, it’s up to you: short-lived adventure or serious relationship.

 2. Thinking that everything will work out

Everything is going more and more badly in your life as a couple, as well as deep down, you clearly know that the situation is irremediable, but that does not prevent you from always having a bit of hope that everything will work out. Remember that miracles are only found in fairy tales. But to give your relationship a second chance, you can work out or go to therapy, if that doesn’t work why stay? See the reality in the face rather than persuading yourself that things will change on their own.

3.Fear of not doing it on your own

There was definitely a time in your life when you were single and independent. Surely you have lived alone without any problem, so why can’t you make it now? If you need help, there are always your friends and family who can help you, no! Whether it’s hanging a picture on the wall, putting up a piece of furniture, shopping, paying the bills… don’t be ashamed to ask for help. But believe me, you get there like a grown-up, moreover, everything can be learned!

4.Fear of regretting

There is nothing worse than doubt, what’s more, the worst decision is not to take it. If you know deep down that separation is the only way out, don’t be afraid to end your relationship. In addition, separating allows you to take a step back to better understand the situation. You think you’ll regret it, but you don’t know that. But if you have any remorse after months of separation, then you will see what to do. In any case, the best is to move forward than to stand still.

5.Fear of family reactions

Keep in mind that this is your life, but not that of your mother, your mother-in-law, your brothers and sisters … Your loved ones should never slow down your decision to break up even if they will express their opinions, because it is your personal happiness that we are talking about. Even if your family appreciates your man very much, or his mom likes you, ignore their feelings if you have to separate.

6.Fear of hurting him

Since you’ve been together for years, you know your partner well, you know how he will react if you tell him that you are leaving him. So, you hesitate to take the plunge because you are afraid of hurting him. Do not be in the feelings, and for once, think of yourself only by putting your happiness first. Don’t worry about Jules, he will get over it a lot faster than you think.

7.Don’t accept failure

Yes, it took you years to build your relationship, and you put all your energy into it and even your money, because you believed it was the right one. But eventually, everything falls apart. It is by no means your fault that your relationship has gone bad and ended up in failure, and don’t let that be the reason why you stay. You had a great story, and you have fond memories of your life with Jules, but he just wasn’t the right partner. So, accept the things!

8 stay because of emotional blackmail

If you leave, Jules threatens to screw his life up by quitting his job, destroy your future life … or even kill himself. It’s just to make you feel guilty so, don’t give in to temptation, and above all don’t fall into emotional blackmail. Surely he’s saying that under the influence of anger or sadness or whatever.

9. stay for your pet

Don’t look for an excuse to stay in a failed relationship. If you bought a cat or dog together that you really care about, don’t just stick with them. Talk to Jules to find an arrangement, the best solution is to opt for shared custody as well, everyone is happy!

10.Stay because of your money

By leaving it, you will lose your financial resources, and you will forget the superb life you have: unlimited shopping, SPA, luxurious apartment, valuable jewelry, social events, dinner in a luxurious restaurant… What good is it to have all this if at aside, you have a very complicated love life. What’s more, never forget that money doesn’t buy happiness. If you’ve been educated, you won’t have any problems finding a job and having this lifestyle.

11.Too old to rebuild my life

Love has no age, it is possible to meet the man of your life very early, just as it is also possible to meet him only late in the future. No matter how old you are and how long your relationship is, you are sure to find the one who is destined to spend the rest of their life with you if you pull away from this relationship that is no longer working.