11 little things men secretly worship in the woman they love

He may not tell you directly, but he likes the little things you do . In some of our previous articles, we talked about the things men love secretly and also the things women love secretly.

Some, we agree, are not as secret as that! But we sometimes generalize and go into detail what men like in the woman of their life, without necessarily telling them (then, that they should) is worth it!

When a man falls in love with a woman, there are a lot of little things about his personality, some obvious and others less that will make him smile – literally, but also in his heart.

So what are these things that the man in your life likes in you, without necessarily telling you?

1. He likes the way he smiles when he thinks of you.

It doesn’t matter if he is stressed at work, stuck in traffic or just scrolling through his Facebook news feed. If he is lucky, there will be in his life a woman capable of making him smile, even while being far from him.

Just thinking of her or hearing her name will brighten her face, like fireworks light up the sky on July 14. And isn’t that love?

2. He likes to make you smile.

Have you noticed that men gain energy when they try to be funny? Even half funny, they try …

A man likes to see the woman of his life smile, laugh and have a good time. And he likes to be the source of that smile even more, even if it means making silly jokes to make her laugh.

3. He likes to be physically close to you.

Whether you’re cuddling on the couch or standing next to each other while waiting for a taxi, a man likes to be close to the woman of his life. It’s a great way to feel connected to each other – physically and emotionally.

It is difficult to overcome this feeling when the woman you care about is leaning against her chest or resting her head on her shoulder. Don’t ask me why, it’s scientific.

4. He likes you to play with his hair while he drives.

I would love to explain why, but all I can say is that it is the best thing in the world.

5. He likes the way you smile after he has kissed you.

You know this euphoria that seizes you when you kiss the right person? This feeling of being seized by happiness and by a rise in endorphins? That spark that arises when you kiss it? Sometimes the only possible reaction to this feeling … It’s a smile.

6. He likes to surprise you watching him.

Like everyone, men aspire to feel wanted. Often it is men who run after us and they feel like they have to continually prove themselves to get our attention, a first date, a second date and so on. You understood me.

When you are with a woman and you feel that she really wants to be with us – that she shows us the same affection and makes as much effort as we do, when we feel that she is falling in love with us – well, nothing is nicer than that.

7. He loves that you do these strange little things that you probably don’t even realize you are doing.

Maybe your nose wrinkles when you laugh, or you push it from the shoulder when you are (a little) angry. Maybe you play with your hair as soon as you get nervous.

Whatever it is, you do it naturally, but he notices it. He’s noticing it because it’s the kind of little thing that sets you apart from other women he may have met. And he loves it.

8. He likes the way things get natural with you.

I was going to title this point “He likes not needing to make an effort”, to convey the following message: things are easy, but it is obvious that any man and any woman must do sincere efforts to make a relationship work.

But two people can be so comfortable together that their relationship seems completely natural. They will be satisfied, but not in the sense that they are overconfident and bored. They will be deeply satisfied, look at each other and say to themselves “so here, that’s how it should be …”

9. He likes to come to you for advice.

When you truly respect someone for who they are and what they think, you value their opinion much more than anyone else’s. We want his advice. We want to hear what he thinks of the last mystery we had to face. We want his opinion and his point of view. If the man sharing your life asks for your opinion, but also takes it to heart and consideration before making a choice, this is a very good sign.

10. He likes you to be close to him physically…

And, I’m not just talking about sex (although a man never complains when the woman in his life initiates sex); I’m talking about the little things – hugs, kisses on the cheek, your hand on his knee when you’re sitting or your arm around his waist when you’re walking.

These are things that are, I believe, even more intimate than sex. Anyone who is attracted to each other can make love, but these small, intimate gestures are the ones you only share with someone you really care about.

These are things that literally bind you. These are the things that combine your energies and turn you into “we”.

11. He likes to look you in the eye.

Looking someone in the eye can be a little annoying. We do not really know where to look, in the eyes or towards the brow bone?

But it’s not the same with you. The embarrassment dissipates to be replaced by enthusiasm.

It is replaced by hope. It is replaced by love – a love that can only grow when it is shared by two people whose souls are reflected in each other. A serenity that makes us want to hold the gaze of the other and not to divert our own.

When a man finds the woman of his life – I mean the real woman of his life – the list of things he likes about her is endless.

There will never be a word strong enough to describe how he feels.
There will never be an ideal way to communicate his love to him.

All he will be able to do when she asks him “why this look?” Is smiling, nodding and saying “Oh, for nothing …” Because sometimes that’s all he can say.

But believe me, this is his way of telling you that no word would be enough, love is enough in itself.