11 New Relationship Steps to Defining Your Romance

Want to know what the stages of a new relationship are and how to know which one you’re in?

Discover the 11 stages of a new romance here.

Relationships are complicated.

They are even more complicated when they are new.

You don’t know the other person very well and you don’t know the stages of a new relationship.

You may also be over-analyzing every conversation or encounter.

And, contrary to what many people think, becoming official on Facebook is not a stage in your relationship.

Not necessarily.

Don’t Overthink the Stages of a New Relationship

While there are many wrong ways to start a relationship, there really isn’t an exact way.

Every relationship is different.

Everyone is comfortable with different stages at different times.

The stages of a new relationship don’t have to be in a specific order for you to know things are going well.

Some people rush things, and that works well, and others prefer to take things slowly, but it still didn’t work out.

So choose the path that you and your new partner will feel good about.

The Stages of a New Relationship

While you don’t need to go through these stages in any particular order, once all the stages of a new relationship are complete, your relationship will no longer be considered new.

See if you and your boyfriend have completed these stages of a new relationship to see if you are getting into a long-term relationship.

The news is great, and you should value each of these steps, but the really good stuff is yet to come.

1. First Kiss.

The first kiss is a defining moment in any new relationship, even a bad one.

The first kiss introduces a new level of intimacy and closeness.

And usually, if the first kiss isn’t good, it’s the first and last stage of a new relationship.

2. Honeymoon.

It’s not a honeymoon for marriage, but the honeymoon phase of a new relationship.

This is the part where you constantly want to see him and vice versa.

And when you don’t get tired of talking about him to your closest friends.

That’s when you can’t wipe that smile off your face.

You have a glow in you.

Yes, it’s mostly endorphins and brain chemicals, but it’s great.

3 . Video Chat Every Day.

This isn’t for everyone, but when you start seeing each other and want things to move forward, you talk a lot.

Whenever you’re not together, you call or text or text Snapchat just to keep in touch.

This is the stage of a new relationship where, instead of worrying, you exaggerate, texting too much, both of you are so happy they don’t even realize it.

4 . Miss each other.

After a few dates, you probably don’t miss each other when you’re apart.

But after you’ve slept a few nights and maybe stayed in bed on a Sunday morning eating leftover pizza and watching  The Office,  you don’t want to say goodbye, even if it’s just to go to work.

At this point, you both realize that this might work.

You already knew you liked each other.

But once you miss each other, you both recognize that you don’t want to be apart, you’re afraid to be apart.

Wanting to spend so much time together is a good sign.

5. Commitment.

And once you both recognize those feelings, you make a commitment.

Now, if this is becoming official on Facebook or if you’re just agreeing to be exclusive… Or even if you have a toothbrush and underwear in his apartment, the size of the commitment is up to you.

As I said, these stages are not set in stone.

But when you actually use the word relationship, boyfriend, girlfriend or something like that, you’re at an important stage in your new relationship.

6 . Meeting Friends.

Getting to know each other’s friends can be a defining moment for a new relationship, which is what gives you a good place in the stages of a new relationship.

When you meet your new boyfriend’s friends, you see a new side of him.

You also see what kind of people they surround themselves with.

And you find out if you fit in with his group of friends and vice versa.

7 . Knowing The Family.

This is very serious!

If you or your partner are close to your family, this is another important stage in a new relationship.

If your family hates him or his family hates you, it can cause a lot of problems in your new relationship.

In fact, this is known to break up couples.

On the other hand, if your family is on board, it can take your relationship in the right direction.

Knowing that your family has given the approval or blessing puts both of you at ease.

8 . Mini vacation.

Going on a trip together is almost like a test for your new relationship.

Traffic, queues, flights, these are all stressful and being in a new place can cause some tension.

If you can spend a weekend together, you can handle a lot.

9 . First Fight.

After spending 72 hours together without interruption, tensions can build.

You can get irritated by things you never noticed before.

You may want to run away out of sheer frustration or say something you regret because you were hungry or exhausted.

The first fight is a milestone for a new relationship.

Once you’ve fought or argued and gotten over it, you get even closer because you know you can handle the times when things aren’t perfect.

10 . Cute nickname.

This might sound corny, but it’s one of my favorite parts of a new relationship.

That’s probably because it’s getting to the point where it’s not new anymore.

Having affectionate nicknames between you gives your relationship a level of comfort and intimacy that you only have with your closest friends and family.

You can use certain nicknames or jokes.

This connection that only you share is very intimate.

It’s not just a sign of a new relationship, but a sign that it’s getting good.

11 farting.

Finally, bodily functions.

It could be farting, doing a number 2 in each other’s bathroom, or squeezing each other’s pimples.

All of these things become normal and comfortable when your relationship goes back to stable, long-term.

That’s what makes this the final stage of a new relationship.


How many of these stages of a new relationship have you noticed in yours?

Only a few? All of them? comment.