11 Reasons: Why Is It So Hard For The Smart Woman To Find Love?

Finding the man of your life is not an easy task. It’s not easy for any woman.

If you are a woman of above-average intelligence, it is very likely that you have even more difficulty finding a love that satisfies you.

Society tends to think that a single woman has less value, as if the single woman is problematic.

This is not the case.

To prove it, see the 10 reasons below to understand why it is so difficult for an intelligent woman to find love.

1. Smart Women Are Not Afraid to Be Themselves

The smart woman knows what she wants and is not willing to lower her demands and expectations.

They know the importance of staying true to themselves and they also know that sacrificing their needs to love the wrong person will only cause frustration and resentment in the long run.

They don’t feel they need to be afraid of being alone or afraid of social implications made by people who don’t understand the ability of the intelligent woman to be happy alone.

2. Smart Women Identify A Terrible Boyfriend From Afar

In the first few dates, the intelligent woman can identify that a man will be a bad boyfriend just by finding out some information and knowing a little about his personality.

Despite being an excellent skill to save suffering, this keen nose makes the search for the ideal man difficult.

3. Smart Women Know What They Want

A smart woman’s habit is not to waste time with men who don’t have what she’s looking for.

Every woman has a mental “list” of the things they are looking for in a man.

The smart woman’s list tends to be pretty long or pretty specific than women who want a boyfriend just so they aren’t alone.

They know themselves, so they know what kind of people they can and can’t date.

4. Smart Women Don’t Need A Man To Facilitate Or Improve Their Lifestyle

The ancient belief was that women needed to go straight from their parents’ house to their husband’s house.

In the modern world women no longer need someone else to live.

In fact, many women even prefer to live alone.

Therefore, knowing that eventually they will have to share the same space can be scary for an independent woman.

5. Smart Women Have Other Commitments That Are Higher On The Priority List Than Dating

Career, friendship, family, extracurricular goals … whatever it is, there isn’t much time left to look for a self-worth man or the right guy.

They know what to do to conquer a man , but it’s not a priority at the moment.

6. Smart Women Are Very Aware That Relationships Can End And That The Past Can Affect Potential Relationships In The Future

Smart women have a hard time “living in the moment” and don’t want to waste time, because time, for a smart woman, is very valuable.

They need to know that there is a future perspective and that the potential boyfriend is in sync with what she thinks (Marriage, kids, finances , etc.).

7. Smart Women Know Beauty and Attraction Are Only Half the Battle

Physical attraction is an important aspect of finding love, but smart women understand that attraction is a dynamic thing and can change once you discover other sides of a person.

Generally, it’s women’s hormones that tend to take the first step towards finding love, but smart women understand that what determines whether or not a relationship lasts is the intimacy developed by the two of them.

8. An Extremely Intelligent Woman Can Scare Men

The extremely intelligent woman is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her ideals. Less intelligent men find this difficult to accept.

It could be because they don’t know how to react or because they feel like they can’t live up to her expectations.

Either way, this scares potential boyfriends and even friends.

9. Smart Women Understand Change

The smart woman doesn’t pretend to be the same person all her life.

She also doesn’t think her partner will be the same person forever.

She wants to grow up with him and has ambitions for the future. This will result in changes in what they want, changes in personality and behavior.

When a woman sees that everything changes, she ends up finding it even more difficult to make a more serious commitment to a partner.

10. Smart Women Have A Broad Understanding Of How The Modern Flirting World Works, But Don’t Necessarily Like Or Agree

Dating is no longer a way of survival for women.

As mentioned above, as women no longer need to move from their parents’ house to their husband’s house, adding the fact that they can live perfectly on their own, smart women come to understand that looking for a boyfriend means looking for a company to love and to share the life, interests and plans for the future.

11. Smart Women Don’t Give Their Hearts to Just Anyone

This reason is the greatest of all reasons why it is difficult for an intelligent woman to find love.

It’s not an easy task to decide if a man is worthy of your heart, and smart women are quite picky about it.

Smart women can weigh the pros and cons of a man and decide whether the risk of loving a certain man is worth the pain that can occur if the relationship doesn’t work out.