11 signs that can prove you’re not in love but emotionally dependent

Many of us seek love, some are so eager to find it that they find themselves drawn into the initial stages of romance, blinded by feelings of lust, affection, and desire. There is no better feeling in this world than finding someone who loves you as much as you love them.

But, sometimes we idealize people instead of just letting them be themselves. And that’s because we’re looking for our own validation, instead of a true romantic relationship.

Sometimes what we think of as love is just emotional addiction because we need attention and someone to take care of us.

Here are 11 signs that indicate you might be  emotionally dependent  and your relationship might not be as healthy as you think:

  • You are always ready to change your plans so that you can spend time with your partner.

  • You like to have control over your partner, and you get upset and become distant if you don’t get what you want.

  • You really think that you couldn’t get ahead in life if your partner were to leave.

  • Your self-esteem depends a lot on the approval, affection and attention that your partner gives you.

  • You constantly ask him if he loves you.

  • You constantly need him.

  • You feel extreme jealousy when your partner spends time with people other than you.

  • You and your partner stopped doing the things you used to do without the other person, or you completely ended other relationships that were important to you.

  • Your partner’s validation is more important than yours.

  • You think you can change your partner into whoever you want.

  • You are very possessive and have no confidence in your partner. You are constantly afraid that he will leave you for someone else.