11 signs that your partner is cheating on you

In a relationship, the vagaries of life and problems can encourage one spouse to go elsewhere. Often this leads to a split in the couple, very negative emotions and a painful rupture. In an article relayed by our colleagues of the Daily Mail, Annie Kaszina, doctor and coach in couples relations, shows that certain acts that men do, can reveal infidelity.

Some people may assume that their partner is cheating on them but have no tangible evidence to justify their impressions.

In today’s society, temptations are everywhere and principles can be weakened by the impact of external influences.

So if you have doubts about the loyalty of your partner, or if you suspect it to be wrong, try to locate these 12 clues: 

1. He has another woman’s signature

If your partner feels the feminine scent, that there are traces of lipstick on the neck, clothes or personal belongings, there is a good chance that he will go to another woman. If it happens more than once and he tells you that it’s a co-worker who stuck makeup on him while kissing him, do not be naive …

2. He returns from work late

As luck would have it, it has a lot more work than before and it does not upset him more than that. His meetings do not end and he looks very busy. He comes back later than usual and collapses on the bed without paying attention. 

3. He often has his head elsewhere when you talk to him

He may be physically present but not psychologically. His mind is elsewhere when you talk to him. He responds to the side and does not pay attention to your actions.

4. He takes too much care of his appearance

Before, your partner went to work by dressing in 10 minutes. Now, he takes all his time in the bathroom to look good. He chooses his clothes carefully, puts on his hair to perfection and perfumes himself. Is he trying to impress his mistress? Is it necessary to answer this question for you?

5. He looks more fulfilled for no reason

Your partner looks happy and yet nothing has changed in your relationship. You do not expect a baby, he has not received a salary increase … But he looks particularly cheerful. Forbidden excites envy and he indulges in a dangerous relationship that does him good, at your expense.

6. He does not pay you any more attention

You change your hairstyle, you make a manicure, you buy new underwear, but he does not notice anything. You try to be softer and closer to him, but he sees only fire. He’s probably too busy thinking about her …

7. Your loved ones confirm that something has changed

Your friends and family take an outside look at your couple and may be able to judge the behavior of your spouse without any subjectivity. If they tell you that it has changed, that something is not like before and that they have a doubt about its fidelity, you can ask yourself questions.

8. You feel that he has an affair

The intuition of a woman is powerful. If you feel that your partner is interested in another, try to find out more. Your heart will lead you to the truth … You can succeed to know the truth if you really want it, ladies!

9. When you talk to him, he gets upset

The best defense is the attack, they say. And indeed, when you accuse him, when he is short of arguments, he is pointing at you. Guilt is a difficult emotion to manage and you may be at a loss.

10. He does not want you to read his messages

In the life of a couple, trust is required, but sometimes one of the partners has doubts about the loyalty of the other and wants to confirm his suspicions. If you notice that he is constantly hiding his phone and you strictly forbid access to his messages, he may be cheating on you. 

11. He sometimes accuses you of misleading him

Of course, if he deceives you, he is no longer satisfied in the relationship. He becomes irritable and if you express your doubts, he can answer you that he has also on your fidelity. He will try to accuse you of infidelity to free himself from all responsibility.