11 tips, how to drive a man crazy with love and always look for you

It is normal that if you like a boy, you will want him to fall in love with you. How to make a man go crazy for you? How to drive a man crazy with love and not even think of another woman? All there is to do is up to you. Keep reading and I’ll explain it to you.

The most important thing, to drive a man crazy with love, is the way you treat him

The way you make a guy feel when he’s with you greatly influences the way he sees you. For example, how to make a man look for you and go crazy for you? Everything is in your way how he feels by your side with your way of being or how you love him.

How should I treat my boyfriend to make him fall in love with me ?:

– Keep falling in love with him, make him feel good about himself and discover new things to do together

– Be the best friend with his friends, help him when he needs it and let him spend time with his friends

– Make yourself a more attractive girl, learn to give in, look from their perspective and apologize when you are wrong

– Give him his space, get along with his family, don’t be jealous, don’t force him and be very mature with him

– If he does not like something, do not force him, do not try to change it, do not compare it and do not change just to please him

How to drive a man you love crazy with love so that he only thinks of you

You have to find a way to attract it naturally. He is not obliged to love you or be faithful to you if the relationship begins to lose the magic of the first days.

How to make a man go crazy for you? You only have control over yourself, you have to make yourself more charming. Obviously, this requires a lot of failures, but that’s the way.

You have to be a fun girl, not for him, but for yourself. For example, use a mild perfume, but it also improves your self-esteem and personal security.

It is important that you always take care of your appearance, not only when you go out with him


Many men do not like girls with excess makeup . It is also very important that I see you without makeup and still look charming and very loving.

Don’t be so picky that you can’t get your hands dirty, run, or play with it. Dress so that you feel comfortable, not just to please him.

How to drive a man crazy with love for you? Your self-esteem is the most important thing so that you do not feel insecure about your appearance. Laugh a lot, be very playful.

To drive a man crazy with love, always look at him with tenderness and sensuality


Another way to drive a man crazy with love is with your eyes and sensuality. For example, when he invites you to nights out, dress well, sensual and flirtatiously show off your feminine attributes.

The way you look at it transmits messages and connects you with it in a magical way. A man loves that his girl is focused on him, that she looks at him smiling and sensual.

Your behavior, your hands, how you play with your hair and how you look at it should make him feel loved. Your look should convey security, but also mischief and maturity.

Be spontaneous, take the initiative, be mysterious and that man will be crazy about you

How to drive a man crazy by kissing him? Let him be the one to initiate a kiss, but be the one who provokes it. It is important that you always look positive and very upbeat.

Be unpredictable, that is, speak up and take action on those things you love and the way you love. Being next to a girl with personality makes the male ego feel good.

How to drive a man crazy with love for you while in bed


Knowing how to drive a man crazy with love means taking care of your romantic behavior. Be very positive, very attentive to him and without distractions. When you are alone with him it is another moment where a man appreciates the virtues of a woman.

It is important that you are a spontaneous woman, with initiative and willing to live strong emotions of love. Say things you like to listen to with a good humor and an open mind. Live love to the fullest.

To keep a man’s love never tell him about your ex or other affairs

Never feel completely safe in your relationship. At any time it can be damaged or terminated by an action or comment that may seem unimportant to you.

The only security you can have is of your own love, therefore it is better to love yourself enough. This is why always speak positively and never talk about your past relationships.

So that a man does not forget you, be very loving and sensitive but independent


One way to drive a man of love crazy is if you admire him by being very loving and sensitive to his presence. But don’t depend on him , a man likes girls who own themselves.

Don’t confuse love with emotional dependence . You don’t have to please him in everything to make him love you. What counts is your quality of love and for that you must love yourself very much.

For a man to love you well, be very attentive and listen to him when you are with him

The best way to drive a man you love crazy with love is by focusing all your attention. That the moment does not affect labor or other problems.

Worry hurts, take care of them in due course. Rather clear your mind and share details with your partner. Listen carefully and focus on giving your best.

Be careful with sensitive issues from the past and that man will think of you with love

Your life may have been a drama or a great adventure in the past. So are his. So don’t start investigating as if it were something fundamental.

It’s okay to touch the subject, but very lightly and let him be the one to give you access. To make him miss you, to make him die to see you, be a woman’s love now.

Always encourage him, praise him and value him and that man will feel inspired by your side

The most important thing when it comes to knowing how to drive a man crazy with love is that you value him. Praise him for his little successes and encourage him when he makes mistakes.

For example when he has a promotion at his job or when he sets out to meet a challenge, praise him. There is no man happier and happier in his abilities than one who is admired by his partner.

Little details like a haircut, a change in her outfit, etc., are for you to positively appreciate. Remembering something he said in the past, falling in love with him again, etc.