12 clues that you really are a woman in love

Are you in love? Find out right away!

You are always the last to realize that you really love someone. Those around you notice your condition and tell you so, but you always keep denying it until you have to admit it. To find out if you are really in love, here are the signs that do not lie!

1.You laugh at your man’s bad jokes

You don’t have much of a sense of humor, unlike your Jules, but that doesn’t stop you laughing until you have a stomach ache when you hear one of his really bad jokes. The best part about it is that you don’t pretend, because by his side, you feel good, and his humor makes you crack.

2.You project yourself into the future

You’re not the type of woman to talk about the future after a few months of dating, but with Jules, you can already imagine what your days would be like in 5 or 10 years. You are not afraid to offer him small projects in the short or medium term when you have only recently been dating. For you, this is quite natural and not at all difficult.

3.You want to tell your man everything

You are quiet, and you don’t like giving people a headache by telling them your girlish or work stories. But recently, you have changed, and you lovingly tell your little daily life to your Jules. Result: he knows everything about you, even the smallest details. He knows how many sugars you take in your morning coffee, your habits at work …

4.You give your man double your keys

Since you spend a lot of time with each other, but have not yet settled down together, so that your man can fully integrate into your life, you have given him double the keys to your apart. But even more, your daily life is already like that of a couple who have lived under the same roof for years.

5.You introduce your guy to your BBFs

You are not ashamed of your darling, on the contrary, you are proud to be his chick, because you love him more than anything. Obviously, you didn’t find any problem presenting it to everyone you care about: your friends. What’s more, the opinions of your girlfriends mean a lot to you. Besides, you even think of presenting it to your family.

6.You still want to write to your lover

Before, you don’t care much about messages, you prefer to call straight away, but that has changed since you fell head over heels in love with your boyfriend. You are now an ace when it comes to texting, because you always send him little words of love, little jokes… During the exchanges, you love to talk about anything and everything with your man. Even if you know not to harass a man, you can’t help but do it!

7.You and the little touches

You never miss an opportunity to please your partner. Yes, you don’t like sweets, crisps… but since Jules has been part of your life, you always think about buying his favorite treats. All this is for the sole purpose of pleasing him. If that isn’t love …

8.You are so excited to see your boyfriend

You’ve planned to have dinner alone tonight, and all day you’re nervous and euphoric waiting for the date to be by his side. You make yourself beautiful for hours, because you want to really please her. But above all, you hurry so as not to arrive late and disappoint him.

9.You don’t look at other men anymore

When the girls are together, they love to watch guys, linger on a step-kid in the street, turn on the male s**x in a club… without going beyond that of course. But you, you have changed since Jules shared your life. You no longer look at other men even the ones who made you crack before because you know that you have the best with you.

10.You get jealous

As soon as Jules is chatting with a woman or another woman talks to him, you bubble up inside, because you will never bear to have to share it. However, you do nothing, you keep your cool to look good in his eyes, but jealousy ranks you inside.

11.You pay more attention to your physical appearance

You do everything to showcase yourself in order to please and seduce your Jules all the time. To be attractive in his eyes, you invest in a new wardrobe, you get back to sport… Your entourage cannot believe that you have changed so much, that’s love, girls!

12.You talk about him all the time

Whether you are with your girlfriends or with your family, your man’s name comes up in conversations all the time. In fact, your loved ones have already noticed that you always bring the conversation back to them. This is the most obvious sign that you are totally in love with your guy.