12 couples of the zodiac who will find it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship

Do you want to find out which zodiac sign (s) you are most compatible with?

In contrast, we suggest that you discover 12 couples of the zodiac who will find it very difficult to live a healthy relationship.

Love is never easy. But if you have had a long-distance relationship or have known one of those relationships where you part a thousand times, to get back together a thousand times, you know this only too well!

Similarly, it is enough to have read a few books and seen a few films to know that life as a couple is never easy. In general, human relations require a lot of work and leave us little respite.

We, humans, are very complex beings.

From there, it is even more difficult to make an already problematic relationship work at the bottom. Sometimes the only thing you can do is give up and try to move on.

But it’s easier said than done. It often happens to us, for mysterious reasons, to persevere and try to make a relationship work which brings us only frustration, anger and tears.

Is it out of pride? As if we felt that anyone would have already given up in our place and that suddenly, we decided to persist despite the pains and difficulties.

Anyway, despite our deep desire to make things work, sometimes it is impossible. And stubbornly trying and making an effort only makes things worse.

Giving up is not a sign of weakness or laziness, but rather of intelligence and resilience. When it is clear that a relationship will never work and will never be healthy, it is enough to find the courage to privilege reason over the heart.

Some relationships are doomed to failure before they even begin when others are destined to survive all obstacles. 

Of course, in the case where there are children, a complicated family situation or others, it is normal to persevere. When a breakup affects people other than the couple in question, it is natural to want to make an effort.

By cons is it really wise to engage with someone when things are already complicated at the outset and we know that it will only get worse?

If we know that our relationship will only bring us problems without solutions, we might as well be smart and not get started at all!

And this is where astrology can give us a little boost! Discover some of the worst love compatibilities and above all, keep in mind that astrology is not always right and is only there for information…

12 couples of the zodiac who will find it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship:

1. Virgo and Aries

If these two attract each other, it’s because they are complete opposites and you know what the expression says…

Virgo would be extremely attracted by the self-confidence of Aries and by their freedom. Aries would be very attracted to the intelligence of Virgo and their ability to solve everything.

But the intrepid Aries, his impulsiveness and his imprudence would quickly end up driving the Virgin mad. It would be enough for Aries to be a little too direct and a little too hard with their partner for their relationship to come to an end.

When a sign of fire (Aries) meets a sign of the earth (Virgo), there are great difficulties in understanding each other.

2. Taurus and Scorpio

The sensuality of Taurus would go perfectly with the taste of the Scorpion carnal. Both have a lot in common: they are passionate, suspicious and can be extremely jealous.

And this is precisely what could create sparks: jealousy. Taurus will find it very difficult to understand the jealousy of their partner and their vindictiveness.

These two would quickly find themselves in a dead-end, in a situation where neither one nor the other would be ready to let go of ballast.

The only possible relationship between them could be under the duvet, but out of there, they risk hurting themselves a lot.

3. Gemini and Aquarius

On some points, these two could form the perfect couple – they are two free electrons, two cerebral lovers of intellectual conversations.

Both are altruistic and love people but in different ways. If Gemini is naturally sociable, Aquarius is more mundane.

Gemini is also endowed with a greater capacity for adaptation, just as it is easier to express what it feels. For Aquarius, it is quite the opposite: the less we talk about feelings, the better it is.

And what is the point of love and happiness if you can’t talk about it?

Gemini is known for its inconsistency and Aquarius for its unpredictability and these two characteristics rarely go well together! But again, nothing is closed and if this couple can be explosive, it can be in the right direction as in the bad.

4. Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces are creative, altruistic and sensitive. But for Cancer, it is sometimes taken to the extreme and it can happen to him too involved emotionally speaking. Something Pisces will have a hard time understanding.

Also, Pisces is fully aware of the impact that his past relationships have had on them. She/He knows that they participated in making them what they are today. For Pisces, it is quite the opposite: not only does it look like they have forgotten their past, but he also seems incapable of learning from their mistakes.

If these two could get along perfectly as part of a creative and artistic project (editing a play, writing a book, etc.), everyday life may be a little better for them. difficult!

5. Leo and Sagittarius

Both know how to have fun and make a good impression. If Sagittarius will use their incredible sense of humor, Leo, meanwhile, will not hesitate to put their seductiveness at their service!

But the problem is that Lio needs to be at the center of the stage, to shine and Sagittarius will have a lot of trouble to be satisfied with the role of tenure.

When Leo gets angry and chooses a paternalistic tone, it is unlikely that Sagittarius will take it upon itself and try to procrastinate.

But both of them being lovers of love and life, they will get along wonderfully amicably speaking (or under the duvet). Be careful however, a romantic relationship may be much more complicated …

6. Virgo and Aquarius

Virgos are very concerned about the eyes of others when Aquarians do not care. Virgos are known to be stable, pragmatic and dislike of novelty.

Pisces, on the contrary, are inventive and curious. They like to embark on new experiences. But their carelessness tends to be a source of frustration for Virgos. Although the latter is full of admiration for Pisces’ thirst for freedom.

In the end, Virgos will always appreciate being in the company of a Pisces, because he reminds them that life is full of possibilities.

7. Libra and Pisces

Libra and Pisces are both deeply kind, human and gentle. Libras have a lot of admiration for Pisces and they love being in their company.

Both are romantic and tend to idealize the feeling of love. And when in a couple, the two partners have their heads in the clouds, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy relationship, based on expectations and realistic goals.

As a couple, they could experience a brutal return to reality. It would be enough for one of the two to reveal his reality to fall from his pedestal.

If these two signs can be understood perfectly in absolute terms, in reality, it is often more complicated. Why not have a summer romance…?

8. Scorpio and Lio

Here are two people full of power and strength. Both are dynamic, intense and proud. They are often born leaders and people who inspire us.

Scorpio holds passion and honesty for the most important things in the world … While Lio is not so attracted to the absolute truth! If it were necessary to invent a little lie to comfort someone or to put themselves forward, they would not hesitate long.

Scorpios are relatively jealous and they would have a hard time understanding the flirtatious side of Lio.

If a relationship between these two signs is complicated, it is mainly because they are two dominant … And there could quickly be sparks!

9. Sagittarius and Libra

Sagittarius is the perfect, fun and friendly guest, the soul of your party. And this is something that attracts Libra a lot.

Besides, both tend to avoid conflicts and their preferred solution is often flight.

Sagittarians are deeply independent and that is something that Libra may find difficult to cope with since they hate solitude. Sagittarius can be entered, it does not have the famous Libra diplomacy.

Libra is too indecisive and Sagittarius too eccentric for their relationship to work overtime.

10. Capricorn and Cancer

Capricorns and Cancers have a lot in common: their friends and family are extremely important to them. They both need to feel safe, to have a home, and they are trustworthy.

If Capricorn is less emotional than Cancer, they are always ready to offer their partner a shoulder to cry on.

The emotional dependence of Cancer is not an obstacle in itself, as long as Capricorn is not forced to share its emotions.

Capricorns are often more reserved than Cancer. The latter have their hearts on their hands.

As long as they manage to be in the give and take, a relationship is not impossible … But it will be a real challenge!

11. Aquarius and Sagittarius

These are two signs that very much like traveling, who like to meet new people and who are very comfortable with loneliness! Both value their independence and they also like to find this independence in their partner.

But the problem is elsewhere … Sagittarius can be extremely self-absorbed, which can spark sparks with the deep altruism that Aquarians can demonstrate.

It is as if these two had chosen the same route, in the end taking two different directions and ending up in two opposite places in the world.

12. Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces are big dreamers, they like to think and contemplate the world… While Capricorns are much more down to earth.

Also, Pisces tend to be secret and even secretive, which can quickly displease Capricorn. Pisces are also very easily influenced and for a relationship between them to work, it is especially important that Capricorn does not abuse this little weakness.

Pisces will always give the benefit of the doubt to others when the Capricorn motto is: “I want to see it to believe it”.

In fact, these two signs have a totally different vision of the world and that is what can help complicate their relationship.

Remember, astrology is not a science … But it can help us to see a little more clearly!