12 proofs that he is sincerely interested in you

“Am I interested in him?” This is the question that comes up regularly in the comments to seduce a man. Sometimes we feel it, sometimes it is more difficult to decipher what the other person really thinks. All the more so when he sends us completely incoherent signals.

To know how to calibrate your seduction and not hope for what it cannot give you, learn to recognize the signs that do not deceive.

Is he interested in you? Is it just physical or does it project into a future relationship with you? To find out, it’s here.

Good reading.

1) He is available for you. A man who is interested in you will always find the time to take his phone to answer your messages. Even better, he will sometimes even be the first to send it to you. He will regularly offer to see you, and will always find a time slot for you, even if his week is completely filled. Why? Because if he has no time, he will create it for you.

2) He takes your news. He won’t just send you messages on the weekend in the middle of the night, telling you everything he wants to do to you in bed. No. He will find out if you are doing well, what you have done during the week or simply wish you a good day.

3) He offers you outings outside his bed or yours. A man who is interested in something other than physically interested in you will seek to get to know you. He will invite you to dinner, offer to go to the cinema or any other outing that does not start with his front door and ends with a kiss the next morning.

4) He shows you signs of affection in public. A man in love or in the process of becoming one is proud to show himself with his partner. He will take your hand in the street or give you a kiss to say goodbye at the entrance to the metro. The degree of this condition will depend on how comfortable he is in showing himself in public.

5) He asks you questions about yourself. Because you intrigue him, he will try to find out who you really are behind this physique that he likes so much. He will be really interested in knowing what you do for a living, the hobbies you have, or the number of siblings you have. He will listen attentively to the responses and bounce back on the subject while also opening up on his side, instead of cutting short the responses and returning to the eternal subject of s**x. Another sign that shows that a man is potentially looking to partner with you, he assesses your compatibility. It will not just ask you if you are single. Neither seen nor known, it will ask you if you are someone loyal or if you have had long relationships in the past.

6) He does not only compliments you physically. He also tells you that he loves your personality, your way of seeing life, your laughter, the way your eyes squint when you smile. In fact, he likes everything about you, or almost.

7) He’s talking about you. You have in a way shaken his life and in his redundant life as a bachelor, he did not expect … you. He needs to share his excitement, his doubts, his hopes with someone. His closest friends then know that you exist even if you have never met them, and even better, they know what your name is. You are not “a girl with whom he has”, now you are that girl.

8) He is careful not to hurt you. He cares about how you may feel and is careful not to hurt yourself. It will sometimes be awkward or may hurt you but it will not be willful and always with regret.

9) He introduces you to his loved ones. He wants to make room for you in his life but he also wants to show his friends the pearl he came across. He assumes you completely and is not afraid of the “formalization” that involves introducing someone to his friends or those around him.

10) He will think before he wants to sleep with you. That doesn’t mean there won’t be s**x between you the first night. This means that it will not put any pressure on you, even if it means taking the necessary time. He will make sure that you are sure you want to do it, that you are comfortable enough with him and that you will not regret your decision. Despite his unconscious which blows him to undress you right away.

11) He talks about “you” in the future. And plan to see you again as soon as the meeting started. He also already imagines what you will do together during the next vacation. It projects both short and long term.

12) He has a special way of looking at you. It is said that the gaze is the mirror of the soul and I can only confirm it. A man in love has this way of looking at you. It is not a simple look, it devours you. So either he is too intimidated and can’t even look you straight in the eye, or on the contrary, he can’t look at anything other than you. And there, girls, it’s won! : ^)

Beware, however, of certain pitfalls:

  • Jealousy is not a sign that he loves you. He may not want anything with you and yet cannot bear to coo you with someone else.
  • A man who wants to sleep with you can do a lot for you. How many were willing to walk for miles, get out of their house at any hour of the night, rain or snow to spend the night with me? The reality is that a man can be incredibly nice, make you great promises, or raise the moon just to sleep with you. So it is not because he is ready to cross the city to find you that he loves you.

In the end, I think that in most cases, we feel when a man is really interested in us. And when we happen to doubt, to constantly apologize for his lack of attention towards us, it is that, deep down, we know that he doesn’t really love us.